Thursday, January 31, 2013

The 31st of January, 2013

For some reason, the concept that January has thirty-one days has been freaking me out all day. Not sure why. January has had 31 days for my entire existence. Perhaps it's one of those things, like when you write/type a word which for some reason just doesn't look right. You know it's spelled correctly, but for the moment it just looks weird. Not just, "Is that spelled right?" But, "How can that even be a word?"

Or is that just me?

And then there's this:

30 days hath September, April, June and November. All the rest have 31, except February, which is screwed up.
No, that's not how I learned it in grade school. But that's the version I use now.

So, at any rate, the first month of 2013 is nearly "in the books". From my perspective, the month went by rather rapidly. Also worthy of note (meh, maybe, YMMV) this month has seen a veritable blizzard of posts from Your Humble Scribe. This one makes 48.

48 posts in one month. Whoa! All of 2012 saw only 162 posts, December being the previous all time high with 29. Not sure where all that energy came from, not sure if it can be sustained. But I'm having fun with it, hope you are too.

From a Soviet Union perspective, I should (based on last year's productivity) produce 216 posts in 2013. Having 48 "in the books", I have accomplished roughly 22% of my annual quota. At this pace, I should reach quota sometime in May. Then in true Soviet style I would knock off for the rest of the year and drink vodka.

Of course, most of those posts would be of shoddy workmanship and not really worth reading. And if there was nothing new past May, why would you come back in 2014?

Whew, good thing we don't live in the Soviet Union innit?

Or do we?

Just sayin'...

On another note, how about this picture?

I mean, like "Holy Crap!" I would not want either of these big fellows pissed at me. But it turns out, that like most fights in the wild, animals "lower" on the evolutionary scale aren't really into slaughtering each other over mates, or territory. But don't take my word for it, go read this for the story behind this great photo and the outcome of the donnybrook depicted above.

As Buck is wont to do, here's the weather for my neck of the woods, which I humbly like to refer to as the "Dominion of the Old AF Sarge", also known as the People's Democratic Republic of Rhode Island

Yeah, it's breezy all right.

See you in February, unless of course I get bitten by the blogging bug again, between now and midnight.


  1. I can't believe how fast this month went by and I'm glad it's OVER. The Christmas bills are finally paid off and life can get back to normal now, kinda-sorta.

    This blogging thing is kinda weird in how it runs hot and cold. I looked at my "years past" thingie on my sidebar and see I had a record year in 2011 (878 posts) and a full-year low in 2008 (539 posts). The big difference between us is I have ALL the time in the world to do this, what with next-to-no other commitments, like job and family, yet still...

    On Russians: I think they invented the "close enough" thing. I also know they drink a lot, too. I have some small experience with those guys in that space and somehow managed to get out of there with an intact liver.

    1. Yes, January blew by fast.

      That's right, ya did spend time in the Rodina. Liver intact? Impressive indeed!

  2. You outdid ourself without question! 48 posts kept me busy all month!

    1. Thanks Greg.

      Happy (belated) birthday. As I recall you were pretty much the oldest guy in class. Sixty huh? What's the weather like at that advanced age? Yeah, yeah, I'll be there in May. The Good Lord willing.


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