Friday, January 18, 2013

Uh, What's That?

Say What?
So there I was, resting on my...
(If you haven't figured this out yet, go here.)
...when I realized that today is a new day. It doesn't matter what you did yesterday, you can't sit back and expect I Encompass and I Eclipse to keep bringing in the readers forever. Or can I?

No, no, no, that's not right. To paraphrase the pResident, "I didn't build that." I need something new. And I'm still in a goofy mood, the serious shtick is something I really need to work at, goofy is doing "what comes naturally". Uh oh, I feel a musical interlude coming on...

(No need to cover your ears Buck, it's not bagpipe music.)

Though my dear Pa would argue that that was worse, much worse. You may gather that my late Father was not a big Beatles fan. You would be correct in that assessment.

So by now you may be wondering if there is an actual "point" to this post. Nope, this is pretty much a "pointless post". If you don't read this one your life will pretty much go on the same as if 
Chant du Départ had never existed. Of course, that may be true even if you do read today's ramblings. I leave the philosophical debates to those better qualified.

But after seeing this...

...I realized I needed to do something to sustain the momentum. Yesterday and today were very good days by Old AF Sarge standards. (A "standard" good day is when my regulars read the blog.) Of regular readers I have but a few, but they are a hardy lot. Mind you this is the bunch which will comment from time to time, so I may have missed one or two of you.

What's that? * Pointing to the chap with his hand raised *

Yes, you DO actually have to comment on the blog to get mentioned.

Uh, Sarge, what the Hell was that all about? Oh, let me clarify, I'm about to actually list the folks who read my blog and actually (from time to time) leave comments. To get a mention you only need to have commented once. I am defining these folks as my established "readership". Oh, if you HAVE commented and don't see your nom de plume here, leave me a comment (heh). So here we go, in no particular order: (Well, except I DID list my daughter, the Nuke, first, intentionally.)

  1. The Nuke
  2. Kris, in New England*
  3. Brigid*
  4. jib*
  5. Marv
  6. Rumbear
  7. Parrothead Jeff
  8. Homefront Six
  9. Stephen
  10. Bob Reed
  11. Hogday Afternoon*
  12. Kanani
  13. Marcus Erroneous*
  14. snuffyny
  15. Dave Harvey
  16. htom
  17. Tuna*
  18. Pogue*
  19. XBradTC
  20. MMC (aka Michelle)
  21. Virgil Xenophon
  22. Jeopardy
  23. Scary
  24. RJL (aka Robin, you know who you are)
  25. Anonymous (more'n one - these are real commenters, who left real (good) comments before the Anonymous ID was banned - blame the Rooski spam artists)
  26. Darrell
  27. Theresa Roussel
  28. Buck Pennington**
  29. Greg Peavey*
  30. John of Argghhh!
  31. Squid
  32. Murph
  33. Susan Katz Keating*
  34. Bag Blog
  35. Well Seasoned Fool
  36. Suldog*
  37. c w swanson*
  38. Dapper Dan*
  39. Dave
* All holders of Frequent Commenter Miles (FCM)

** FCM holder and go-to-guy. Buck is kinda sorta my mentor (though I often hesitate to use that term).

Wow. Not even I knew there were this many. But that's what my gnomes tell me after digging through the blog archives. Such as they are.

I'll be back, hopefully soon, with, as blog-buddy Suldog likes to say "with more better stuff." (At least I hope, as Suldog's stuff is always good.)


  1. Replies
    1. Heh. I see what you did there, referring back to an earlier post. Well played jib, well played.

  2. Replies
    1. Buck, you did it the old fashioned way, you earned it.

  3. I too am truly honored to be a part of such an esteemed list of commenters. And regarding those FCM's, where do I cash them in?:-)

    1. FCMs may be "cashed in" at any place which accepts them. No, I don't have a list of those places. I don't even know what they can be "cashed in" for. But I do know that there ARE blackout dates and of course certain restrictions apply.

      To honestly answer your question Dan, ya got me there, the FCMs are essentially worthless.

      Sounds cool though, doesn't it?


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