Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Virtual Museum Tours Я Us (Part Deux)

B-17 Static Display at the
National Museum of the U.S. Air Force
After yesterday's post with the National Naval Air Museum in Pensacola, blog-member jib mentioned that she'd just visited the virtual tour of the Air Force museum in Dayton, Ohio.

Picture Your Humble Scribe, a retired Air Force Master Sergeant sitting at his computer wondering why (oh why) he had never done any research into the Air Force museum. And whether or not it too had a virtual tour.


So here I am, jib gave me a ticket to get on the "clue train" as it went by. And here you go off to the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. Thanks jib!

I so need to get out more.


  1. ouch. btw Sarge if you are ever in AZ the third largest museum of this type is in south Tucson AZ. Pima Air and Space.

    1. "Ouch"? I was trying to praise you jib.

      Oh and again, thanks for giving me the idea for the post.

    2. the ouch was for Buck's comments about you lol.

  2. actually we just physically visited there. They have an amazing series of museums and such in the Dayton area all related to flight called the Dayton Aviation Heritage Trail. At Carillon park they actually have the Wright 3b flyer re-assembled by Wright himself. The Wright cycle shop is quite interesting as well and contains the National Parachute museum in it as well. You can see some of this by going to the nps.gov website

    1. They have an excellent boneyard tour and it is associated with the Titan Missile museum too


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