Saturday, May 18, 2013

Coming Soon!

Sometime in this coming week I'll be announcing the nominations for the inaugural "Old AF Sarge Seal of Approval".

This much coveted award has been hand crafted by skilled Old World artisans in a small central European country which looks remarkably like Rhode Island. But isn't. Not even close. Put the maps away, you're not gonna find it. No, I didn't design it. The Old World Artisans did. If it sucks, it's not my fault. But yeah, I'll get all the blame and none of the credit...


Oh, sure. I'll try and focus.

Coming Soon! Tell your friends, alert the media.

The excitement is at fever pitch here at Seal of Approval Headquarters.

I can scarcely contain myself.

But I'll try...

Oh, this is going to be exciting.

(Probably not, it's just a stupid jpeg...)


  1. Heh. I think YOU should get the first Seal of Approval... coz no one does jpeg captioning like you do.

    1. I appreciate the vote of confidence. Though awarding myself this award would be unseemly me thinks.

      Hhmm, criteria. I must have criteria. And things the bloggers will have to do upon receipt of the award. Ya know, give them some blog fodder for the slow days. I must think on this. Knowing full well that IT will go his own way on this. Hhmm, what to do, what to do.

      What do you think Buck?

    2. What do **I** think? I think I'll hunt you down if you even THINK about giving an award to a certain superannuated senior NCO.

  2. Replies
    1. OMG. I'm going to need a bigger boat.

  3. Anytime Ivan gets mentioned in a blog, that automatically raises your blog value. It's like putting in a few nice shrubs on your property. Of course, once people REALLY get to know Ivan, it's like finding out those shrubs are poison sumac.

    1. I think you're right.

      I think one of the criteria for this award will be "cut down the tallest tree in the forest, with a herring!"


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