Saturday, October 19, 2013


Moon Rise over Rhode Island
(Photo courtesy of Moi...)
When you come right down to it, I'm a very lucky guy. Beautiful wife, great kids and kids-in-law and beautiful grandchildren. A loving Mom, two brothers, brothers and sisters-in-law, nieces and nephews.

Good friends.

Folks that care about me. And I care about them.

I am truly blessed.

Enjoy the song, I guess it's my way of saying "Thank You".


  1. I feel I'm equally blessed. Great song by the way. I've listened to it twice having never heard it before. Good song to have stuck in my head.

  2. What Tuna said. I've no complaints, either.

  3. Yer Moon shot looks a lot like what I saw from my back door.
    I probably coulda had a picture, but I was too lazy to get the camera from the trunk of the car.
    Thanks for the music.

    1. Anytime Skip.

      (Been there, done that vis a vis the camera not readily to hand.)

  4. Great song, and it's all good when you have a good family and family life!

  5. I've been blessed my entire life. Sometimes I wasn't as appreciative of that fact as I should have been, but in retrospect it's always been true. Here's a virtual toast to you, my blessed blogging brother!

    1. Right back at ya brother.

      Reading your stories makes me think our younger selves had much in common.


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