Thursday, October 24, 2013

Out of Sync

Oh look, it's a boring graph!
Things are a bit nuts right now. Work is busy, have lots of stuff going on outside of work. (Take that with a grain of salt. If I have one non-work thing scheduled in a week, to me that's a lot. I know, I know, it isn't really but there it is. Forthright and honest, fair and balanced. After a fashion.)

I've noticed lately that I'm not keeping up with my blog reading list all that well. If I do check out a blog it's sometimes along the lines of "Heh, interesting, I'll have to come back and read the whole thing." But that seldom happens. I may think of it a couple of weeks hence, but by then it's too late.

Often times I think of commenting on a fellow human's blog but due to time constraints will think of "doing it later". Again, it doesn't happen.

I also noticed that I did two "political / current events" posts in a row. That is so unlike me. Perhaps what is going on in the outside world is actually pissing me off enough to remark upon. Rather than just grumble and figure "Oh, I'm sure Sal (or someone) has already covered that." Do I go check? Nah.

Sometimes I get a full head of steam and just start ranting. That can be cathartic. Could also be embarrassing I suppose, but I'm good with that. If I can get a couple of folks to comment, I'm happy.

Also the page views have been pretty good lately. Last week (Wednesday to Sunday, inclusive) I was averaging a thousand hits a day. I used to be thrilled with 200 a day. So I had that going for me.

But I guess the NSA is no longer interested. The page views have dropped out of the stratospheric 1000's back down to the "good-for-my-ego" 500's. Still better than I'm used to and for that I thank you all, my loyal readers.

I guess this post is my way of saying, "I've got nothing right now." 
Out of sync, so to speak. But there is a Flyby in the works. I was straining the brain on that one but I think I have something worth your while for tomorrow.

Here's a hint...


  1. I'm happy with 2000 hits in a month...
    ...and that's a good month.

    I'm lookin' forward to what you do with those two birds.

    1. Still working on it, I hope tomorrow's Flyby will be good.

      That judgement is left to you!

  2. I'll post a comment later........


  3. There's sumthin' wrong with the "star and bars" on that Sabre. Just sayin'. Or mebbe it's just me, I can't tell.

    1. After you mentioned it, I did some research. The markings on that bird are correct. The roundel (star and bars) does look odd at first, I guess I've never really looked at it closely. But according to my sources the bars should almost touch the star (as shown). Seems odd but it's correct, again according to my sources.

      Did some more research, a lot of model aircraft and model aircraft decal manufacturers have it wrong, as near as I can tell. According to the USAF Museum, the current shape and style of the roundel has been in use since 1947. Only the colors have changed. (Red, white and blue to subdued.)

      Interesting that I never noticed that before.

    2. I went off to The Wiki to look, too. Didja know they have an interesting page called military aircraft insignia? The page is cool because they have both current and historical insignia there. Check it out.

      So it WAS just me, eh?

    3. Nice Wiki article, I didn't know about that one. And I do love me some Wikipedia.

      Actually I though that was pretty observant of you, it's not something I ever noticed. Now I know what to look for!

  4. What I wanna know is which one is Bob Hoover flying, lol.

    1. Heh, betcha Bob could handle either, equally well.

  5. Gotta admit, that is NOT a form flight I'm used to seeing... :-)


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