Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

I didn't always listen to you when I was young,
But I always wanted you near,
Whatever I have achieved in my life,
I owe to you.

You were always there,
To listen,
Often to laugh,
Always to provide solace and comfort.

You are always in my heart,
No matter how far apart we may be.

Mothers are a priceless treasure.
I am rich beyond belief.

I love you Mom.

To all the Moms out there...

Happy Mother's Day!

You deserve our love and respect.

You definitely have mine.


  1. Very pretty flowers!!
    And +1 to Mike! You can love them after they are gone, but, while you have them, let them know how much you love them. Frequently! :)

    1. I took that picture last year. It's still too early for those.

      Mike is a smart guy!

  2. Took Mom to the Diner for lunch today. The Diner is a classic small town cafe, been in operation for more than 50 years. Nothing exciting but reliably good cafe food. Mom likes the veggie omelet. Anyway, the waitresses (I know, I know) were handing out next-meal-free coupons to all the moms today. One smart244 dad asked why he didn't get one. Hands on hips the waitress (I know, I know) asked, "Are you a mother?" To which the dad replied, "Several people have called me a mother..."

    Yeah. Flyover country.


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