Saturday, April 14, 2018

Explosion at Sea

Deepwater Horizon after the explosion.
This happened in April of 2010, I remember the events surrounding Deepwater Horizon, but life had me pretty preoccupied at the time. I'd just lost my Dad and I was working 100 miles from home on a "one year" assignment that would last two years, eight months and sixteen days. Yeah, I was counting.

Last (Friday) night I watched the movie Deepwater Horizon. Very emotional, very well made, very gripping. I think Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg are an excellent film making team. They did Lone SurvivorDeepwater Horizon, and one I watched a couple of weeks ago, Patriots Day. All gut-wrenching movies, all of which, in my opinion, showcase everything which is right about the American people. Hard working and, when it's called for, heroic.

It's playing on HBO now. Seek it out, watch it.

God is not done with us yet.



  1. Wahlberg has come a long way from "Marky Mark".

  2. The inherent bravery and strength of the American has been hidden by overwhelming reports of the 'Soy Boys.' All the huge amount of reporting of Antifa, but little reporting on the smaller anti-Antifa protestors who have successfully fought back (including the spectacular ass-whooping of 'Moldy-locks.' Sorry, shouldn't hit a girl, but girls shouldn't hit either.)

    Horrid events, like the Deepwater Horizon explosion, the Chilean Mine rescue (they would have been dead, dead, dead without private support from US mining companies, but that's little talked about) and all the other little catastrophes where later, someone is found to have stayed at their position to allow others to escape (refinery fires, chemical plants, when the unthinkable happens, way later we find out that X employee(s) stayed behind to stop equipment, close valves, monitor, etc.)

    A dark part of me thinks that these 'warriors' deserve as much to enter Battle Heaven, or Valhalla as those on the field of combat.

    1. Concur with your last.

      (The rest of the comment is, as we've come to expect, excellent.)

  3. Sportsfans, FYI the worlds largest civilian group of Helos in one place is PHI (petroleum helicopters) sitting at the airport in Lafayette, La., which services practically every rig in the Gulf w. everything from supplies to crew transit to medical evac.. (I see from Wiki that since I was in grad school in Lafayette they've also built the nation largest pad in Morgan City, la. (I guess to reduce transit times) but still keep their HQ an a large part of the fleet in Lafayette.

    1. Virgil, they show a huge helipad in the film. Shuttling folks out to the rigs and back.


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