Thursday, July 11, 2019

Hi There!

A nice new bandage/protective cap thingee. I haven't actually drawn the eyes on yet, but I might. A bit o' whimsy for a Thursday morn.

Went  for a follow up visit to an orthopedic doc on Wednesday. I took the entire day off, anticipating pain and discomfort as the old bandages were peeled off, jagged wound being debrided, and said wound being poked, prodded, and what have you.

To say that the visit was a pleasant surprise is rather an understatement.

The doc was a young fellow, he was born in Sarajevo and was surprised that I had heard of his hometown in a context not involving the Olympics.

"Well Doc, Sarajevo, in Bosnia-Herzegovina, is where the Archduke Ferdinand and his wife Sophie met their deaths. Thus triggering World War I." (I should note that he isn't Bosnian by ethnicity, he is a Serb. Well, he was born a Serb. Now he's one of us.)

So we hit it off rather well. Too bad he and his lady wife (also a physician) are moving soon to Reno, in Nevada. 'Tis a good deal for them. He's even heard of NAS Fallon and knew more or less where it was in relation to Reno. If you ever need a good orthopedic guy out in Reno, let me know.

Anyhoo, he pronounced himself happy with the healing that is going on in my somewhat mangled digit. Having the bandage off was nice. I could flex the finger and everything, it's a bit swollen but I have nearly full range of motion and full feeling in that digit. It felt good to flex and stretch the old boy. (I'll be flipping people off in no time. Not that I do that. Much.)

The therapist chap who made the cool digit protector in the opening photo lives in my town and is also a history buff. So yeah, we had a good rapport as well. Talked of Viking river cruises and seeing the Pyramids of Giza. We had a good chat.

So, finger continues to improve, as does my morale.

I did take pictures of the tip of the finger, for posterity ya know, but I won't post them here.

Rather too gross for my tastes.

Oh, I should mention, the view from this rather new orthopedic medicine center didn't suck.

What a view!
That's Providence in the background.


  1. The finger with the protector looks oddly cute.
    Of course the eyes need to be drawn in.
    I'm not sure what the imaginary voice bubble over the protector should say.

    Having a doctor's visit include less pain then expected is a wonderful thing.

    Keep healing.

    1. It was nice, to say the least.

    2. Jeanie and I are glad see that your "digitorum signalus" is on the mend. Pretty good machine we've been left here to live in. Design perfect in the 1.0 iteration. Manufacturing, if left alone, works beautifully. Can replicate self and fix same mostly. Some problems have come along when after market attachments are desired and sometimes affixed. Most problems come associated with high speed contact with harder things, of flying too close to the edge of he air.
      Please keep taking it easy Sarge.

  2. Happy to read that healing proceeds well. That is indeed a lovely photo. Good news is always welcome.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  3. Good to see the healing happening, must be that invigorating New England air neh? Should have asked for Air Force Blue thingee though. Revealing shot from high ground there Sarge, not too shabby of a camera in the cell. Dew point is way down, high of 80 so off to release some GP11 and 7.62x54R Czech Surplus Low Recoil later this morning. That is back for sale, going to order another case since 46 grain rounds doesn't kick like the standard 148 grain Russkie surplus.

  4. That's Providence in the first one, too, Sarge. God watches out for us, poor, dumb Schumkatellis.... I glad you didn't lose any motion or feeling.

    My son pinched 2 finger tips off when he was about 8. He's in his 30's now. Pain, lose of feeling, loss of motion, all of it. Things can go sideways in a hurry from the most mundane activities.

    I hope it heals without issue. Hey, when you type, does it sound like a pirate walking on a wooden floor??? Step, thump, step thump..... ;)

    1. It's sobering at times to realize the short distance between "All is well" and "Everything just went to Hell."

  5. The finger protected makes your finger look like it's ready to go to Duluth!

  6. So, when does your Landsknecht get his halberd?


  7. The situation is not without an upside. You can wave your social finger with impunity.

  8. Glad all is well and progressing.

    Am I right in guessing that the cruise ship docked somewhere behind the peninsula on the right?

    1. Things are progressing very well.

      I'm guessing that is where cruises going into Providence would tie up. There is a pier there. Everything on the other side of the river (to the left in the photo) is docking for commercial vessels.

      Didn't realize that there are cruises that visit Providence. Had to look it up. I'm more familiar with ports further south, like Newport.

    2. I was all messed up. We came in to Newport, not Providence when we visited didn't we?

    3. Yes, you did. I was going to mention that but then I wasn't sure that you hadn't seen Providence as well.

      Then again, the weather was horrid that day, you could have been anywhere.

  9. Awww, you have a cute little snowman to help you tell folks to chill out in sign language!! That is just neat!! Aren't ya glad you got rid of the big baseball mitt thingy...just don't whack this one on anything hard...cause you will regret it...listen to your nurse!!!

    That is a beautiful view!!

    And I got a chuckle from STxAR's step thump step thump...guessing since the finger helmet is wider than the finger there is some quiet cussing going on as you are probably hitting more wrong keys due to that finger being wider than usual and catching more than 1 key if ya aren't careful...neyt?

    Seriously, glad to hear the doc is happy. And that the old torture chamber you experienced somewhere in your dim past are all gone out of fashion in RI. Usually the worst visit is the first visit. At least that is true as long as there is no infection getting going. Continued sending of happy thoughts and good vibes your way for speedy healing to continue!!

    1. Snow man in a samurai helmet! Love it!

      As for the typing, muscle memory is a wonderful thing, until part of the apparatus goes out of spec. Much hitting of the wrong keys does occur and does merit the occasional use of some harsh language.

      This too shall pass!

      (Thanks Suz!)

  10. I notice that all my doctor's views are amazing except the one of my x f-in-law. His view sucked. Portland is just not a pretty city.


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