Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Tired and Ornery

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The last of the progeny flew back to California yesterday, taking two of my wee bairns wi' her*. 'Tis tired and ornery I am!

While Thanksgiving week was lots of fun and I got a lot of rest (I was livin' the life of Riley I was, not to repeat myself, though I did) the end of that week and the beginning of the current week really blew away all that rest I had.

For on Sunday we all piled into the The Missus Mobile at oh-dark-thirty and drove the 150+ miles from Chez Sarge back to the Auld Sod, me Mum's house. She had yet to see the newest member of the clan, wee Belle** that she is, and was keen to do so. While she has met Little Bit (the Senior Granddaughter) she was also looking forward to seeing her again.

Oh yeah, she wanted to see The WSO and The Missus Herself as well. Moi aussi, though she had seen me in September and October, I am, after all, the eldest of her sons and live the furthest away. So there's that.

Anyhoo, the plan (such as plans go) was to drive up in the morning and drive back in the gloaming. So we did. While we had a lovely chat, and a nice meal, we did have that whole 150+ return trip. So off we went, arriving back in Little Rhody after sunset. (That would be "evening sunset" in Tuna's parlance.)

Monday it was back to work for me. Stayed up too late, got up too early. Work was work, nothing to write home about, it just is. Life in the cubicle farm. Though it's actually an "open" work area, it feels cubicle-ish. If'n you catch my meaning.

Tuesday was the day to take The WSO and her bairns up to Boston for to fly back to California. Again, an oh-dark-thirty launch, into the teeth of Boston traffic. High up on my no damn fun list. Of course, that's an awfully long list, driving in Boston and its environs is always taxing. Folks up there have a rather cavalier attitude towards traffic laws. It can be dicey at times. But on a Tuesday morn the only danger was being bored to death.

Traffic. Was. That. Slow.

Oh well, we got there in time for The WSO to make her flight and for me to get back to work at a "reasonable" time. (The sun was still up. Somewhere. It rained Tuesday afternoon.)

But when all is said and done, I'm a wee bit shagged after the past cuppla days. So I ain't feeling all that clever or...

Hell, I'm so tired I forgot the word I wanted to use.

Though I'm not a huge Dropkick Murphys fan, I do like this tune. Says "Boston" to me. (Also makes me want to watch The Departed again, for the seventy-lebenth time. By the way, up Boston way that's The Depahted. R's are dropped in words where they appear and added to words that don't have them. So I'm told.)

'Scuse me, I need to go pahk my cah, in the yahd.

*wee bairns = Scots phrase, means little babies
**Belle is the Junior Granddaughter. That's her actual nickname, not a callsign, or blog name, if you will. The Nuke likes calling her Belly, which is cute. I'm not ready to call her that.


  1. I totally agree with you about the driving habits of Bostonians. I used to visit a lab in the Boston suburb of Woburn just about every other week way back in the 1980s. Not one of my favorite trips.......................

    1. I almost got a job in Woburn.

      Years later, I know that I dodged a bullet there!

  2. Once upon a time I was in training with Concord Trailways to drive a commuter bus into Boston from out of Concord NH. Had been in training for several weeks when the company informed us that they had to change their plans and needed no new drivers. "Sorry." I'd become quite proficient at maneuvering through Boston traffic . . .in fact, had received my first one-finger salute. Proud I was. Ah, youth. Nowadays, I think I'd go to the ends of the earth to avoid driving into Boston.

    1. Driving a bus in Boston.

      Too intense to contemplate.

  3. Question:
    Is there any city in which it is a pleasure to drive?
    ...or even a suburb?

    I have found that driving from the unpopulated backwaters to the civilized world and then returning isn't so awful.
    The thought of having to work it the other way around makes me cringe.

  4. I have a self established currency requirement to drive in San Antonio or Austin no more than once a month, to remind myself why I don't live in an SMSA* anymore!

    *Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area

    1. And that one is going onto the acronym page. Love it!

  5. Replies
    1. Heh. You've seen right through me.

    2. On the way home from work in the AM, I listen to WBBM 780AM, out of Chicago, to hear the Smart Quiz at 0725. WBBM has traffic and weather on the "8's", so I hear the 0728 report before switching to FM, for the Brain Teaser on WOLX. I smile when the traffic report is on the lines of " It's 3 days from Downtown to O'Hare". and I cannot see a car either ahead of me, or behind me on 4 lane US 12. Badger Snicker.

    3. Life out in the sticks is certainly relaxing.

  6. I spent a pleasant little while perusing McEvoy's website. I like his work. I particularly like the "you have to figure out your own story" suggestion he makes regarding the two paintings. Also find it interesting that while I've never lived there, his work has a definite Lon-Gyeland vibe, or at least what I imagine a Long Island vibe to be. Thanks for posting that picture and link. I'd never have had the opportunity sans Sarge et l'Internet.

    Out here in these sticks it's not unusual to run into single car traffic jams. I'd make a joke about "blue hairs driving in my lane" but I'm beginning to resemble that remark.

    1. Re: "Blue hairs driving in my lane"

      Yup, I made a remark to The WSO the other day about "gray hairs" - she just pointed at me and laughed.

      I liked the McEvoy website myself. All I wanted was a picture of a spilled Guinness. (I could do that at home, but me, waste a Guinness? Never.) I found art instead, kinda cool.


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