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Thursday, April 11, 2013


We're All Happy at Chez Sarge!
It's a Celebration!
But why all this celebratory excess you ask?

Just finished the ol' Form 1040 and...

We're Getting a Check from Uncle Sam!

This has not happened in quite some time.

No doubt I'll be made to suffer in other ways.

But for now...

Party on!


  1. Party on!

    "All I have to say about that is 'asphinctersayswhat'".

  2. What? Oh ...Damn Skip ya got me!

  3. Well, that's good news (a refund!).

    1. Indeed it is. And Mass and Rhody kinda balanced each other out. Mass owes me, I owe Rhody. Perhaps I could get Mass to cut Rhody a check? (Not gonna happen, I know that...)

  4. It's not good news! It means that you've made an interest-free loan of your hard-earned money to the government, allowing it to spend that money in idiotic ways. Green Fleet. Solyndra. Timberlake at the WH. Obamaphones.

    Did you really want to do that?

    1. Egads! I didn't look at it that way. Now I just feel, ya know, "dirty".

      It's still better than me having to cut Uncle Sugar a check in April. I've had to do that a couple of times in the past!

      But still, OMG!

    2. Yah, I just did that, and it didn't feel very good. Kinda nauseous, to tell the truth. I converted an IRA to a Roth back in 2010, and needed to pay the second 1/2 of the tax in 2012. Blech.
      I did hit the jackpot one year -- my fed withholding equaled my tax liability. Zero refund; zero to pay. Whooo hooooo! A perfect game like that happens only maybe once in a lifetime!

    3. Yeah Murph, that's a rare thing indeed!

  5. So...a aren't claiming your ballcaps as dependents are you? Your daily coffee stop as business luncheon? I dunno, but it seems somehow wrong that good fortune in the form of $$ is coming your way...But I'm very glad for ya!

    1. Well, er, the ball caps are very necessary. They keep my bald spot from blinding other drivers on the road. It's a "safety issue" I tell you!

      The good fortune thing, yeah, I wonder when the Progressive Elements will discover that conservatives actually get refunds. On money they paid in. Oh wait, do the Progressive Elements even file tax returns? Me thinks not!

    2. I believe the Progressive Elements are exempted fr4om filing under the Freedom for Morons Act, a little known law added on the very last page of 14,000 page Obamacare Bill. Heavily lobbied for by the group Who Says There Aint No Free Lunch.

    3. Ah yes, the FFMA! A little known provision of the Obamadontcare Bill. I had forgotten that.

    4. Ballcaps as dependents?
      I've missed a whole slew of deductions over the years.
      I know nothing of bald spots.

    5. Why sure. That is, if the ball caps are under 18.

      Just sayin'...

      Bald? Who said anything about bald? (Oh yeah, I did.)

  6. I'll do my victory dance for ya.

  7. Most times someone gets money out of the hands of government, I am happy. Congrats!


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