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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Reinforcements Are On The Way!

Das Lauenburgische Jäger-Bataillon Nr. 9 bei Gravelotte by Ernst Zimmer (Source)
The sergeant is looking out over the ramparts and down the road leading to the nearby ridge. The garrison has been waiting nearly two months for the column to return. They had gone west in early September, it was now nearly November. The weather was worsening, supplies were low and morale was abysmal.

"Sergeant!" cried an alert sentry.

"What is it Jenkins? What do you see?" asked the sergeant.

"A single rider!"

He reached down for his telescope and bringing it to his eye looked towards the ridge. Sure enough, a single rider. Not hurrying but not dallying either. But definitely one of our boys, in fact the sergeant was fairly sure that it was Abercrombie, or Fitch, he never could tell them apart.

"You there," ordered the sergeant, "open the gate!"

Moments later the rider was through the gate, by Jove it is Fitch, thought the sergeant.

"Fitch! What news?"

"I'm Abercrombie, Sergeant, Fitch is a full inch shorter!"

"And how am I to tell when you're on horseback?" queried the increasingly agitated non-commissioned officer.

"We don't even look alike Sergeant!"

Climbing down from the ramparts the infuriated Sergeant bellowed, "Abercrombie, Fitch, whatever your bloody name is, WHAT NEWS?"

"The column Sir, they're returning! And they've brought reinforcements!"


The cheers rang throughout the small fort on the small bay in the wilderness of New England.

"We're saved," thought the grizzled old sergeant, "we're saved!"

Okay, that's perhaps a bit melodramatic. But I beg artistic license and all that.

Bottom line...

Had a dispatch from The WSO yesterday.

The Missus Herself returns today!

No more of just me and the felines conversing in grumbles, squeaks, meows and purring. I'll have my better half back at home, I'll get to reconnect with the love of my life.

What's more, I won't have to suffer through my abominable attempts to provide sustenance for myself. For The Missus Herself is an incredible cook. Me? I'm the guy who Gordon Ramsay would be continually yelling at. Until he threw me out of the kitchen grumbling about fire trucks and something about "bullocks," or something...

I have no idea where (or what) the chef is hollering about. Je suis paumé dans la cuisine.

But The Missus Herself will be home this very evening. How do I feel about this event?

Yeah, something like that...


  1. Side boys to the quarterdeck! Chez Sarge, arriving.

    1. Hahaha! That would be cool.

      (I wonder if I can snag a ship's bell from some place before tonight. Nah, but I can get the sound effect on line!)

    2. Ya needs a Bosun' to pipe the CO aboard..

      Sorry I'm late, had other duties today.

    3. Side boys, a ship's bell and a bosun?

      That would be too cool.

  2. We foresee an adjustment period as she whips the house, and you, back into order.

    1. Well, there is that.

      No doubt I did not maintain the domicile to her standards. I will be informed of that I'm sure.

  3. Just remember to clean & straighten everything in the house before she arrives. But like WSF said, above, she'll then rearrange everything you just did.

    1. I know, I have an hour or two allotted to tidying up before I head to the airport.

      I know it will be "all wrong" but I think the appearance of an effort being made is better than not even trying.

      At least I hope so.

  4. Heh. Abercrombie and Fitch. You need a picnic basket ;-). Thanks for the CW plug--they do a good job and does nearby Jamestowne with the military stuff. Hope you pass SWMBO's inspection!

    1. I'll be fine tonight. After the series of flights across country she'll be tired.

      No doubt I'll catch Hell when she's had a chance to catch up on her sleep!

      (Visited CW once, I loved it. Need to get back down there.)

  5. LOL, glad you'll be reunited soon!

  6. G'Day, Mate! Allswell down under. Bit of a kerfluffle over a missing bag after the cab ride to the villa. But cabbie rectified it last night and med routine reestablished.
    I expect you will reestablish equilibrium with the Missus most skosh. And all will be right in your world also.

    1. G'day cobber. Glad that yer made it Down Under with a minimum of bother!

  7. Just about starved yourself by being forced to eat your own cooking for so long? I'm sure you'll be back to full sustenance in a day or two!

    1. Once she's had a chance to rest up things should get back to "normal."

  8. I am gonna venture a guess that you are also tired of cooking for yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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