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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Random Mutterings...

(Source. Yeah, for the painting not the dialog.)
Complaints, Gripes, Misgivings, Whines and The Like...

(That was the original title. I thought it a bit long.)

Okay, I actually did feel like posting something for Thursday (which is what you're reading) but no, it's not another Napoleonic post. Though I am in the mood. But not today. Sorry.

(Source, yup painting, not dialog.)

I find myself muttering and grumbling to myself lately. Perhaps it a sign of my advanced curmudgeonliness, or maybe I am, as some have said, just a grouchy asshole at times. (Note that I didn't say "cranky" Joe. Is it Shark Week already?)

So guy is driving and talking on his cellphone, rolls up to a stop sign perpendicular to moi, looking the opposite way, braking at the very last moment. Scares the bejesus out of me. Makes me mutter oaths, imprecations, and harsh critiques of his parentage. I hate that.

Lady and her kid waiting at the crosswalk. I, being Joe Good Citizen, stops so that she and the lad can cross the street. (No, I have no idea why they wanted to get to the other side. I'm sure they had their reasons.) Three cars coming the other way, none of them stop. I blew my horn at the second one, again muttering oaths, imprecations, and harsh critiques of (this time) her parentage. Third car is another Richard-head on a cellphone who, after hearing the blare of the mighty Element horn, waves at the lady en passant, as if that makes everything okay. Again, the muttering continues, curses are called down, Angle-Saxon epithets are hurled into the ether and life goes on. (Yes, mother and child did cross the road, Yours Truly received a small wave of gratitude which also seemed to say, "Gee, aren't people assholes?" Why yes, yes they are. Well, some of them anyway.)

As I continue down the boulevard towards my humble dwelling I continue to mumble, mutter, and curse (sotto voce of course). At this point I realize that the post I had started just wouldn't do.

(Source, you know the drill.)

Ah, no Monsieur L'Empereur, that post was not about you. It was semi-political, sort of, but I ran out of gas very quickly. Lately all I can say about politics is one of three things:
  1. Trump said what? Is he trying to lose?
  2. Hillary thinks she should be President because she's a woman? It's her turn? This is what happens when everyone gets a trophy.
  3. Shut up Obama, just shut up.
Yeah, riveting and insightful stuff innit?


So I mumble, I complain, I piss and moan. Pardon my French. But I'm fine really...

One last thing, Juvat sent me this in a text, Wednesday morning...

Wish you were here!

Yes, he's at the Air Force Museum out in Ohio. Yes, there will be an after action report. He sent a couple more photos, a Spit and a Mossie, I'll let him share those with you.

After swapping a bit of banter, I went back to work.

Sobbing quietly.

No, I am not jealous.

Not at all.

Well, maybe a little.


  1. Maybe the, "Dealing With Annoyance," part of the brain is worn out because of the increase in annoying things and annoying people.

    Wife and I will be at the Air Force Museum on Sunday, I told her we needed some simulator time while there, and she gave me look.

    1. How can you not get some simulator time while you're there?

      Concur, the "Dealing With Annoyance" portion of the brain is fried.

    2. John, don't know if you've been before. First time for me. Couple of observations. Seems optimum time to visit is 9-12. Busses started showing up about then. We spent a little over 4 hours yesterday and got through 3 of the 8 wings. Going back today and maybe tomorrow. Comfortable shoes a must. All concrete. Sim lines were longish, go early. Not sure a 64Gb SD card is big enough! Other than that, it's AWESOME!

    3. There ya go John, right from the horse's mouth. So to speak.

      We're a "full service" blog.

      (Restrictions may apply. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Some models may not be available in all areas. Offer not valid in some states. Michigan residents must be over 18. Proof of insurance required. All sales final. No tickee, no washee.)

    4. Glad you got which end of the horse right! 😀

    5. First time visit, saw some nose art photos a while back at Cedar Sanderson's blog, she advised at least two full days.
      We are staying across the street at the Comfort Inn, so we planned on early start and late finish, we will take your advice and bring extra SD cards beyond the 64GB worth of cards that is the norm, time budget is for two full days.
      We will plan the simulator early in the day.

      Really looking forward to the visit.

    6. Oh, another thing. I got a cheap quadrotor for Christmas. Been learning how to fly it. And we have a swimming pool. As of a few minutes ago, the quadrotor is now stripped down, the electronics are washed with alcohol, and the quad is drying under a fan in the greenhouse. The worst part is now I will have to hear, "I thought we said flying near the pool was a bad idea," for some time.
      Did not even have time to brace for the water landing.
      Details of the crash landing will require application of medicinal alcohol, and talking with hands. I will have to order much larger watch from Amazon.
      However, the entire rationale of learning to fly with cheap quad is now proven.
      Unfortunately, I had turned off the video camera. Otherwise that would have been some great footage.

    7. Medicinal alcohol, talking with hands, big watch...

      Love it!

    8. Re: "I thought we said flying near the pool was a bad idea,". I'm guessing your wife is heading up the accident investigation. Sounds as if they've already settled on "pilot error."

  2. Wednesday morning brought out the latent curmudgeon in me, also.
    Ricardo cabeza drivers only contributed to part of the cause.
    It will be interesting to see how things go today.

    1. Hahahaha!

      "Ricardo cabeza drivers", oh yes I will be stealing that.

  3. Someone learned how to add comments in a bubble to a photo and is having fun with it...How do you do that?

    1. Oh, I've known how to do that for a long time. Microsoft Paint. It ain't quick, it's a little dirty, but it works.

  4. OAFS:

    When I saw the last photo, my first thought was " Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry ". Forgetting where juvat is just now. They also have a fine collection of aircraft, some hanging in the air. I'm sure the Air Force museum has more aircraft on display than they do.

    On another topic, don't let the ricardo cabezas, both drivers and pedestrians get to you. In my case, it had very unpleasant consequences.

    Paul L. Quandt

    1. I tend to take a deep breath, count to ten, then drive on. They make for good blog material though!

  5. Shark Week is almost over. But it matters not, as I don't have cable.

    1. Good to know. I used to watch it every year. Then noticed that there were a lot of repeats and an ever increasing amount of commercials.

      I don't watch much TV anymore.

    2. Only two shows on tv that I watch: Madam Secretary and NCIS. not even much tennis anymore.


    3. I used to look forward to Wimbledon, I've even lost my enthusiasm for that.

      Commercials have killed my enjoyment of TV and are killing my enjoyment of radio as well.

  6. And here I was getting all excited for another Napoleonic post. Sacré bleu!

  7. Replies
    1. Well, I did say it was random, I didn't lie.

      (I get this way at times, I am an inherently goofy person.)

  8. 687 pictures 27 GB. Monday's post might take a week or so to load. Who knows? Aw....fricking...sum!! Need to come back!

  9. Watched the Monty Python clip and Eric's last line tells us why the present pretender will never be king. "He hasn't got shit all over him." The pretender is nothing but shit.


    1. True. I ponder what's next.

      I don't have a warm fuzzy.

  10. More supremely entertaining comment and thought bubbles. You could take that places!

    When the blankety-blanks get under your skin, they win.

    They won against me yesterday too.

    Lucky for me, I have a safe place to retreat to equipped with burrowing owls. Scott suggested I send you some to square off against your egret. Which I'd be willing to do if the owls didn't so obviously wear "bring it on" on their, er, sleeves...

    1. Thanks Shaun.

      I'm also thinking of putting sharks in the pond. With freaking laser beams on their heads...


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