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Friday, July 1, 2016

Well, THAT's just peachy,

0305. Awakened by an alarm going off. "Honey, why'd you set an alarm for 3 AM?"

"I didn't "

"Front Desk"

"Are you aware there's an alarm going off in the hallway?

"No, we'll have someone check it out!"

0310. Thump thump thump.


"Sir, would you please evacuate the building? We've got a smoke alarm going off!"

Flashing lights in the parking lot.

"On, our way!"

0324. Bad battery in the smoke detector. Could be worse. Now let's see about some sleep.


  1. Some years ago we were visiting Disney World and staying at the Disney Inn. (same location that is now the Shades of Green)
    Sometime during the sleep cycle, alarms and flashing lights and we grabbed the valuables and headed for the exits. The muster point was outside of the lobby.
    The fire was a smoldering cigarette trash can fire. No harm, no injury.

    Two major disappointments.

    One. The Disney World Fire Department did NOT drive up in a cartoon fire engine.
    Two. The firefighters did not have Mickey ears on their helmets.

    And Disney showed they knew what customer service was about. Within a few minutes of the guests gathering in front of the inn, a catering vehicle showed up, set out tables, and began to give out snack foods, coffee, and juice. Quite impressive.

    (If you fit the criteria, and are planning a Mundo de Raton visit, I suggest Shades of Green.)

    1. I fit the criteria, but getting a reservation is nigh on to impossible. I've heard they prioritize the reservations. AD enlisted, AD Officers, Retired. I'm good with that.

    2. juvat,

      Our experience quite some years ago was that reservations were impossible, but they have expanded greatly, and three years ago when we stayed there, we easily got a reservation in the summer.

      I jumped over to their website and checked reservation availability for July and August. Lots of available rooms. (Category 2, and I checked for availability in Category 3. What was available seemed the same.)

      If I remember correctly, where you fit in the criteria, changes how much you pay.

      It's worth checking it out.

      I shared your intel about the Museum Of The Air Force with my wife. Thank you.

    3. Thanks for the Info. We're in between reasons to visit right now. Kids are grown and no grandkids (as of yet). Finally, crowds are too big for the wife and I to endure by ourselves. We have high hopes of that changing, though.

  2. For some reason that brings to mind navy fire drills in the barracks. Two-hundred guys in underwear stopping by the beer machines on the way to muster in the parking lot.

    That attitude is why we win the wars, imo.

    1. Beer machine?
      We didn’t have any beer machines.
      ...didn't even have a vending machine

    2. I'm sure your assessment of war winning methodology is spot on. However, my days of drinking beer at 0300 are somewhat in the past. Now a good dram of Bruchladdich on the other hand....

  3. Had a moment of panic myself this morning. Saw the unexpected blog post, started reading and to my immense shame my first thought was of all those photographs of the Air Force Museum.

    Just kidding. Glad that the Juvat tribe is still intact.

    1. No, we had packed up for departure, and the camera, iPad and Tablet were all in a neat stack by the door. Packed all three out with us on the way out of the room. Priorities doncha' know!

  4. What is upsetting is the alarm not being turned off because none of the staff knows how.

    1. Talked to the maintenance guy this morning. They think someone either bumped it, or pushed the test button as a prank and it stuck. Night security watchperson was a little unnerved and decided to act with "an abundance of caution". But on the other hand, there was a firetruck outside with the lights blazing, so that put a little spring in my step.

  5. Why oh why do smoke alarm batteries ALWAYS fail at 0300?

    1. Because once, a million years ago when the dinosaurs roamed, someone had a smoke detector go off from an untended fire at 0300. The Missus yelled at him to replace the batteries, and they've been going off at 0300 every 6 months since then. (That would be my guess anyhow.)

  6. I'm sure I could think of something to say about changing smoke detector batteries once a each year

    1. Skip, as described above, I think that's what got us into this mess.


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