Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Month, New Look

VFA-154 Rhino Landing on USS Stennis
Yes, it's a new month (sort of, June is ten days old at this point) so I decided it was time for a new look for the Old AF Sarge's little ol' blog. Actually my pal Tuna suggested that my old lead-in to the blog was too big. The casual reader may not be able to tell that there's new content without having to scroll down a bit. Heavens to Betsy, let's not make anybody scroll when they don't have to. (Hhhmm, that was a bit snarky wasn't it? And I'm not even really feeling all that crabby today. Must be the curmudgeon in me kicking in. Or the Buffalo chicken I had for lunch. Who knows?)

At any rate, the new look features the Big E with two of her consorts, a couple of Arleigh Burke class destroyers. In the lead (off the port side) is DDG-78, USS Porter. Can't tell who is aft of the Porter. Tried searching for where I got the photo from, no joy. I should write this stuff down at the time and not do the whole "Now where the heck did I get that picture from?" thang.

"So why Enterprise?", you ask. Well, because my son-in-law Big Time is part of the Big E's air wing, CVW-1. And I just like the picture. So there.

Just got off the phone with the WSO. I was over at the Lexicans while we were chatting and mentioned how ORPO1 had posted that the 11th of June is his and his Missus's 29th wedding anniversary. Now I'll be the first to admit that I'm not always on top of things, seems that WSO's and Big Time's anniversary (2nd) is also the 11th of June.

Of course, I acted like I knew that. But that's not the point of this little tangent. For their first anniversary, Big Time was at sea. For their second, yup Big Time is once again deployed. Point is, WSO laughed and said "Oh well, another wedding anniversary and I have no idea where the hell my husband is." The needs of the Service and all that. Alright, time to get back on course.

Now the Black Knights jet coming aboard, what's all that about? Cool picture but what's it got to do with today's post?

While wrestling with the concept of a new lead-in for the blog, Tuna sent me some links to pictures of Lemoore squadrons. As WSO and Big Time seem to be heading out that way, I figured it was time to give the West Coast squadrons a little love. So you'll be seeing more Lemoore plane pr0n round these parts in the future. There will be stories coming out of the Central Valley as well, as the kids make that transition in the near future.

Now another preview of things to come. The WSO just got back from Strike Det out at El Centro and tells me she has a number of stories from that adventure. I told her to write'em down and send them to me so I could regale y'all with her adventures.

There was mention of a "Pigs in Space" night at the O-Club at El Centro. From what I could tell, there's a couple of amusing tidbits from that evening. We shall see. Had something to do with a WSO at the gym (not "the" WSO mind you, but a different WSO) calling his comrades wanting to know what to wear to the Club that night. Seems the answer was "hooker shoes, everyone's wearing hooker shoes." Other WSO's response? "I'll stop at the NEX, see if they have any of those."

Hhhmm, now that sounds like a story.


  1. Glad you enjoyed the pics. My reading and commenting might be a bit scarce over the next 10 days or so- heading forward for a bit- Bahrain.

    1. I'll try and not write anything "earth shattering" while you're away. The comments are gonna feel kinda empty without you around!

  2. Here's something for you before I go:!

  3. Again, great pics and great yarn Sarge. Love `em.


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