Sunday, September 2, 2012

September Is Here

Yes, it's September. The NFL season begins later this week and the college football season has begun. It's not something that I'm over-excited about, but as a New Englander and given how poorly the Red Sox season has gone so far, it's something. I guess.

Now I'm not a huge sports fanatic. But I do enjoy the games. My enjoyment is somewhat diluted given how things have gone so far for some of the teams I root for. See the graphic above. The frowny-faces kind of tell the story.

Michigan getting blown out by Alabama is a bummer. Big Time's Mom and Dad are both Michigan Alumni and huge fans of the Wolverines. I became a fan of Michigan a couple of years back when the Missus and I flew out to Michigan for Little Bit's baptism.

Ma and Pa Big Time arranged an excellent weekend for this momentous occasion in our granddaughter's young life. We were to go to the Big House to see Michigan play UMass. As we'd never done the college game live and in person thing before, we were intrigued and kind of excited to go.

First of all there was the tail-gating. That was a lot of fun. Seems that Ma & Pa Big Time have had the same seats at the stadium for a long time. They also have been tail-gating in the same spot for a similar length of time. I mean they literally knew everyone. And introduced us to everyone. We had an absolute blast.

The game itself was actually competitive with the issue not being decided until the second half. But the atmosphere of a Division I game was something to behold. And the stadium (which is known, as noted above, as the "Big House") was very nice. We had an incredible time. Absolutely incredible.

Now that Notre Dame - Navy score? Well, those of you who are new to the blog should know that Son-in-Law #2 (aka TRex) is a graduate of the Boat School (aka the Naval Academy). That aside, I've been a Navy fan for a long time (with three kids and two kid-in-laws who have or are wearing the uniform of the Naval Service, it kind of comes with the territory). So losing to Notre Dame, sucks. Heck Navy losing to anyone sucks.

Now we finally get to the one happy face on the board. Colorado State versus Colorado. I am a graduate of Colorado State, so it's only natural that I would root for them. Especially versus their in-state rival Colorado. So that was good to see. (I actually did catch some of the game on TV, in between doing other things.)

Well, enough about sports, for now. No doubt I shall someday wax eloquent upon this topic, having been a bit of an athlete in my youth. But that is for another day.


  1. Uh oh...November should be interesting. :-p

    -An Ohio State grad

    1. Could indeed be interesting. Buckeyes versus Wolverines. Too early to tell who would be favored I think. But based on this past weekend? Michigan has some work to do!

  2. Saturdays in the Fall are among my favorite times o' year. I can... and DO... spend entire Saturdays in front o' my teevee.

    Ahem. ND beating Navy was just chock FULL o' goodness. I'm a big ND fan and I come by that sorta naturally: The Second Mrs. Pennington is an ND alumna, Class of '78 (Joe Montana is also ND '78). I'm also a Big Blue fan (by virtue o' ten years in Dee-troit, where you choose either Blue & Maize or Green & White), except for when they play ND. And TSMP currently teaches English at ColoState. How's THAT for six degrees o' separation?

    1. Damn Buck, it's almost like we're related or something! I'll overlook that whole ND thing in the interests of "family" harmony. After all, you are a Michigan fan. And you and Big Time are both Red Wings fans. TSMP teaching English at CSU, it IS a small world.


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