Friday, December 8, 2017

Tired? Moi?

Well, yes, I am tired. Only one real day off in the last two weeks, interrupted sleep, getting up too damn early and staying up a bit later than I should. So I'm a little worn out.

Those are The Nuke's pups in that opening photo Kodi on the left, Bear on the right. I thought the picture illustrated nicely what I plan on doing for the next cuppla days. Provided of course that the list of stuff The Missus Herself wants to get done this weekend isn't too long.

She's the hardest worker I've ever seen, a real Energizer Bunny. Though at times she can be like the Terminator -
Listen, and understand! That lady is out there! She can't be bargained with. She can't be reasoned with. She doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And she absolutely will not stop... ever, until these chores are done!
Yes, that's a paraphrase of Kyle Reese's line in The Terminator -

Of course, The Missus Herself is way better looking than the Terminator, she actually has a sense of humor (heck, she married me, that proves it), and she can cook like nobody's business. But man, I'm telling you, she's relentless.

In her defense, it is awfully hard to get me to do anything that remotely resembles work. Well, unless I'm being paid. I suppose the gardens, the lovely home, and the food she feeds me count as pay.

It would absolutely suck to not have that.

I know I outkicked my coverage.

I know I'm a lucky guy.

So yeah, I like to complain a bit, it's what we enlisted folk do. As The Nuke once told her mom...

"Yeah, Dad likes to complain. All enlisted like to complain. It's what they do. If they're not complaining, then you need to worry."

"Because they're probably up to no good."

I'm afraid I may have revealed too many "secrets of the enlisted people" when I raised the kids.

Oh well.


  1. A sense of humor.
    I knew she had one when we had been dating for a while and I was fixing some minor problem on her car.
    I said, "Shine the light on the nut" and she turned the light on me and then smiled.
    That had to be maybe forty years ago and I think that our both having an odd sense of humor has been a part of our staying together.

    I am still smiling and chuckling. Thank you.

  2. I learned very early in my career the saying, "If they ain't bitchin', be afraid." Stood me in good stead, through the better part of two careers now.
    Oh, and teachers bitchin'? Makes enlisted bitchin' look like amateurs. At the end of the day, enlisted would do their job....Just sayin'

    1. Well, there is that. Maybe it's being in a union? I could tell some tales there.

  3. LOLOLOL!!!!!!!
    You are a very blessed man, Juvat.
    but as Maurice Chevalier would say..."without them what would little boys do..."

    1. Um, I, the Sarge wrote this one.

      People are always getting Juvat and I confused. We're both sophisticated, debonair, bald...

      Sorry Juvat, you know it's true.

    2. The wife would only agree with one of those characteristics. I'll let you figure out which.

    3. Juvat - let me see...

      Number 3?

    4. Well, I'm Barbar Cat and BarbaCat depending on where one goes to connect with me...
      Names...ID's...again, AARRGGHH!!

    5. I had noticed that, as a gentleman I wasn't going to mention that.

      Which is why I normally refer to you as "BC" here in the comments.


  4. The lower on the pay scale, the louder the bitching because, don’tcha know, all it does is create an incentive to give something to really complain about.

  5. The Terminator, with a list of things that she wants you to do over the weekend (shudder)... (IDEA) What if you set her on Kim Jong Un?

    1. The list was accomplished, for some values of "accomplished." Most important, I survived.

      Set her on Bad Haircut? Not a bad idea...

    2. Take a nap and inform she-who-must-be-obeyed that you are holding yourself in reserve just incase something big happens and you need that burst of energy.

    3. I like it.

      But will she buy it? I dunno, she knows me too well!

  6. Your daughter- Nuclear Engineer, dog lover, and amateur psychologist. Or should that last one be Naval Historian? Haha.

  7. Made the mistake of reading some of the above to SWMBO. Her reply, "He sounds a lot like you. Maybe I should be more like her."
    Now I'm screwed, thanks a lot. :-(

    (That'll teach me to keep my trap shut.)

  8. Of course she's relentless, she's the CO! Wait until the day comes you have to take certain meds or you can only eat certain foods!!!!!

    1. Spoken by one who's "been there, done that" I gather.

  9. "People are always getting Juvat and I confused." Fortunately my editor function is turned off.

    Thank you for a post well up to the usual standards of this blog.

    BTW, it's not complaining, it's merely the enthusiastic discussion of the lack of appreciation on the part of senior NCOs and Officers for the efforts of junior NCOs and lower ranks. ( That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. )

    Paul L. Quandt


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