Monday, March 25, 2019

Mi Familia

Apropos of nothing at! Nothing what-so-flipping-ever!

Now that we've got that out of the way, we'll get on with the show.

First out of the hat, we've got guests staying in the guest house (paying, always nice) so the horses (aka 2000# teenagers with an overabundance of curiosity) need to be put up into the corral.  Usually the sight of me driving up to the barn stimulates a learned response in them that says "dinner time!".  They come running!

Not so this time!

Not so fast, buster!  Where do you think you're going?

 And when I roll down the window to shush them out of the way.
Sheesh, buddy, I want to be in the air conditioned truck.

 Finally get them put up so they're out of the way, and it's a pretty good thing.  The guests include two girls ages 6 & 8.  They're curious also.  Curious and Curious don't necessarily mix well.

Weekend over and guests headed back home.  We reset the guest house for our next round.

The big day has arrived and DIL has returned from the Sandbox for a little vacay.  Aside from a brief sprint from Gate B to Gate Z at Frankfurt Airport, catching the cabin door as it was swinging shut, the trip was uneventful, if a bit long.
On the right on the stairs, the one with her eyes closed...That's My DIL!

Her original plan was to rent a car and drive over to our place.  Having made several similar trips in our lifetimes, Mrs J and I vetoed that and met her at the airport.  I was lead vehicle in the formation providing deer guard duty, Mrs J drove the rental home, and DIL was asleep in the passenger seat before we left the airport.

Why did she come back?  Well, it's her first overseas extended trip and she's been gone for six months, but...

I know  this ages me significantly, but apparently Pink is more than a color.  Supposedly, there's a musician with that name.  Who knew?  

But, Alecia Beth Moore, better known as "Pink", was performing in San Antonio, and DIL organized a plethora of relatives, friends and other acquaintances, to go with her to see said concert.

Which they did.

The following evening, I asked DIL to tell me some of the songs this musician is known for to see if I had heard of any of them.

After the tenth or twelfth "nope, never heard of it", she gave up.


I've included the picture of me which DIL referred me to.

Intent to edumacate myself on this "Pink" phenomenon, I DuckDuckGo'd* her and came up with this video of her husband teaching her daughter to shoot a rifle.

OK, then, She might just be alright.  

Played the next video

YMMV but not bad, not bad at all.

So, DIL's visit, or as I like to refer to it, "The 15,524 Mile Concert trip", was quite enjoyable.  She's off to visit her family and then some friends in Houston before returning on April 1. (How very foolish.)

Mrs J and I were all atwitter early in the week when we got a text from MBD and SIL saying to expect a call because they had some great news.

"Could it be?" we asked.

Well....sort of....There is an addition to their family coming.  

A dog.

Talulah is apparently a goldendoodle or something like that (Golden Retriever Poodle mix).

So...Granddog #2.

Finally, as I'm writing this, I've just received word that my Niece and her kids are coming by and are about 30 minutes out.  So.... I'll be back

I'm Bahck ! (No cars/buildings were harmed in the writing of this post, well except for the Queen's English.)

Mrs J and I scrambled on a Incoming Niece intercept.  Raced to and through the local supermarket. 

Sliced Cheese-Check!

Sliced Ham - Check!

Crackers- Check!

Grapes - Check!

Apple Juice - Check!

Beer - Check!  Reconfirm... Beer - Check!

Intercept occurred at 1215 Local at the Marktplatz playground. 

Future Fighter Pilot in training.  And Mom gets to play also.
Grand Niece is almost 3, Grand Nephew is almost 1.  Much sliding down slides was accomplished, a light lunch was consumed and a couple of Shiner Bocks were consumed.  

By about 1415 Local, mission was accomplished.  Grand Niece and Nephew were safely in the arms of Morpheus in their car seats and Niece was on the way home.

"So, Mrs J, what's  next on the social schedule?" he asks with trepidation.

"MBD and SIL along with Talulah arrive next Saturday for a get acquainted date with Talulah's cousins."

I may have to return to work.  I'm not sure I can hack the pace in this retirement thing.


* I no longer use "Googled", Sergei is officially Evil now.  The problem I've had  with font size the past few weeks can be duplicated.  It occurs in Firefox, but not in Chrome. If you change the default font in Firefox, Blogger inserts a Font Size = Small command into the code.  It doesn't do that if you change the font in Chrome. 


  1. Boy, some people when they retire just become social butterflies........ :) More than two syllables for a pup's name.... I don't know, kinda like it short, to the point since ya might have to to repeat it quickly and often. Visits from loved ones are always good, enjoy juvat!

    1. Thanks, Nylon. "Tally" has a nice fighter pilot touch to it. Don't know that I'll have vote however.

      Yes, visits are nice and young folks visiting is also very nice, because you can hug 'em, play with them and then hand them back to their parents for diaper changing. (Just like my folks did for me with Little Juvat and MBD)

  2. I'd camp out in the barn, I have more in common with horses than most people. I really miss having a horse, but not one other thing that goes with it. Glad you are enjoying the big R.

    1. Thanks, STxAR.
      They are nice to have around, and the 2000# Teenager description is pretty accurate. But sitting out on the front porch with an adult recreational beverage in the evening and watch them grazing, does wonders for the BP.

  3. I've been listening to Ms. Pink for quite a while. As is the usual for my music taste, I don't like everything she does, but what I like, I like a bunch.

    The shipboard Navy does time zones in a much easier way than flying. The downside of course is spending six months or more with five to six thousand of your closest friends.

    If I had spent the day trying to keep up with small children it would have been me that was asleep in the car.
    If only there was a sort of jumper cable to transfer their energy.

    Very good post, and I'm starting my day with a smile and a happy feeling.

    1. I've thought the same about "jumper cables" and kids. And I did go to bed last night a bit earlier than usual. Slept pretty well also.

  4. Man, it seems that you're busier now then back when you were working!

    Seriously epic post. You didn't know who Pink was? Yeah, I can see that, she came up on my radar a few years back, probably from one of the female progeny. So while I'm not a dinosaur, I am kind of ancient on some cultural things.

    The new grand dog is cute, can't wait to hear if she gets a call sign. (The short name for when they get into something they're not supposed to get into!)

    I figured it was your browser, Firefox really likes to "help."

    So did you use DuckDuckGo to write this? Inquiring minds want to know.

  5. No, I used Firefox, just left it at the default font until the very end, then added the HTML command manually at the beginning and closed it at the end of the post. I looked up DuckDuckGo browser, but it (Google) returned a few sketchy download sites. I'll have to do a bit more research and find the "Real" download site. Got it on my iPad and it seems to work fine, but I'm not about to write posts from my iPad. My Sanity being very important to me.

    I'm sure Talulah will get a call sign. MBD has a good touch of my sense of humor, so it might be a good one. (see my earlier comment to John in Philly for my input)

    1. The easiest way to afix the moniker is to use it, exclusively, a lot. Use 'Grandparent' privilage if necessary..

    2. Did some reading, DuckDuckGo is a search engine, not really a browser. More research necessary, but from what I've seen, standard blogging options are limited to WordPress (semi-free), Blogger (Free), and TypePad (not free, I think). Or one could build up one's own webpage which ain't free and isn't necessarily "easy."

      The options aren't as wide ranging as I thought. (This is where the Chanters can chime in if they know more than I. Which is a frequent occurrence.)

    3. Well there is an DDG App that is a browser, and as I said, I use it on my iPad. I haven't seen anything different in it's use, although when you close it down there's a little "firestorm" as it clears stuff from memory. I haven't confirmed there's actually a Windows counterpart. That's where the sketchy URL was when I searched for it.

      IMHO, Blogger is good for what we do, (kibitzing mostly). Had Mrs J's store website on WordPress (SEVERE PITA!) and don't know anything about TypePad, so no opinion.

    4. Beans,
      As for afixing monikers, Beans, We know how to do that, Beans, yes we do...Beans!

    5. I will add your endorsement to my naming submission. I think the effect of that will be very similar to your offer to double our salaries.

    6. Juvat the 1st - Still digging but I can't find a DDG browser for Windows 10. And yes, Blogger is good for what we do (did I mention that it's free, which is why I chose it?)

      I have use WordPress over at TheLexicans, not as flexible as Blogger (IMHO), TypePad is a big "I don't know" from my point of view. It ain't free, so I'm not interested.

  6. Ironicaly, I think, I have not seen either that Herbie movie or Pink, but I know about them.
    I like watching horses, even have ridden a little on trail rides.
    I’m happy I don’t have to clean up after them.

    1. The Herbie movie included came out in '65. So was on Disney a year or so later. Watched it on Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday Evening. However, never really went all in on the VW.

      As per Horses, fortunately we have enough land that they can fertilize that we only have to clean up the barn occasionally. Gets me out of the house (and keeps me out of the dog house) so I don't mind much.

  7. I was going to comment that you seemed less busy, but more stressed, when you were working. Now you seem very busy but very much less stressed. It's a good combination on you (the VB but LS combo that is.)

    Any performer or public dancing monkey that seems to be a little pro 2A is good for me, considering most of the barking moonbats are, well, barking moonbats that need to be hit with a cluebats. I believe she kept most of her politics hidden until she became a supastah so she can afford to swim against the mental current (insert picture of most celebs swimming with the current in a toilet bowl...)

    As to Talulah, she looks like a Talulah. Not that many kids today would know the quintessential Talulah.

    And you being a fossil, well, you're younger than OAFS, so you're just pre-historic. He's Jurrasic...

    1. Ahem, that's Triassic to youse guys.

    2. Yeah, meeting with my Cardiologist for my annual checkup on Thursday. My BP, Glucose Level and Weight lines have all been trending downward at a reasonable rate. So...he should be happy. We'll see.

    3. So, Sarge, I'm gathering you kids referred to you as an Archosaur then?

    4. "Ruling lizard," I kinda like it, but it makes me sound like management...

      Oh, wait...

    5. We all know who rules Sarge's Roost, but calling her a lizard is definitely no bueno!

    6. Yes....I would strongly recommend against using The Missus Herself and Lizard in the same sentence without an interposing negative.

    7. I am in charge of the blog, that's it. Well, as long as it's okay with her. She has rules, I simply trust and obey...

    8. "in charge of the blog, that's it"....Well, beats being down on the rowing deck with all of us monkeys.

    9. Maybe Cholula, like the hot sauce. I always like to name my pets after food. I named a cat Alpo... It stuck, I was the only one happy. Don't ask about Mo around my wife.... That's still tender....

    10. This morning Mrs J started singing "Talulah lulah" to the tune of "Boola, Boola". I snorted my iced coffee through my nose.

    11. Back on our heads, aye, Cap'n!

      See Beans, now he wants to go water skiing again!

  8. Busy, busy! And it's a GOOD busy! Family not work for the win! Yeah, looking around for a replacement for Google too. Running Firefox, but occasionally have to flip back to Chrome. Glad the family is well and growing!

    1. I'm using Firefox for pretty much everything nowadays, especially now that I'm aware of the Bug in the Blogger software for it. I run the DDG app on my iPad and so far haven't seen any glitches. I don't think there's anyway we'll be able to completely offload chrome, but I make a conscious decision now to open it, or not.

      Thanks, yep, this is a fun busy, much better than work busy.


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