Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Yes, Yes It Is...

The Doctor
Sir Luke Fildes

Today's post title piggybacks off of Juvat's Monday post title of It's always Something!.

Prior to our kleine Reise to the Old Line State, eldest daughter, The Nuke, had warned us that the newest member of the tribe had contracted some malady from his companions at day care. I had forgotten what a Petrie dish those places are (along with schools and other places where people gather in numbers).

The lad was tested for the Wu Flu and had received a clean bill of health for that particular malady. But he did have an upper respiratory thing of a viral nature going on. There was a name for it, no doubt designed to sound much more serious and ponderous from what we called it back in the day. That is, a "chest cold."

So we went into this situation with open eyes and firm purpose, for it was the lad's first birthday and we were determined to be in attendance. However, to paraphrase Caesar -

I came, I saw, I got sick...

Son-in-law Tuttle also came down with the malady - stuffy nose, coughing up massive amounts of phlegm, and a general feeling of malaise. He was the first to be impacted by it, I was second. Grandma had a scratchy throat for a day, no more.

I decided to go in late on Monday, letting myself catch a few more hours of sleep to attempt to recover my equanimity. Which did help, somewhat. But I still feel, how do you say, miserable. Effing miserable.

Hence you get this post of me whinging about my infirmity rather than something which might have been more entertaining.

Oh, forgot to mention...

Whilst performing my ablutions on the morning of the day in question, my right ear decided to malfunction. A wee bit of water got into that ear and, as it sometimes will do, decided to remain plugged, as if I had poured molten wax into said ear. No amount of clearing, dancing on one foot, nor bellowing at the Heavens would suit. The sinuses declared that as the nose must suffer, so must the ears, well, one of 'em at least.

The day passed in a muffled haze of semi-misery, much hacking and coughing, much running of the nose, and many commiserations from my colleagues at work. Seems that some of them have experienced a similar malady in the past cuppla weeks.

Apparently "something is going around."


As the newest member of the tribe might say, "Booger."

Yes, he's fond of that word. As am I.


  1. Yeah, nothing challenges the immune system quite like a kid in daycare. I forgot about how my precious little munchkin tried to off me every coupla weeks.

    1. Day care = science experiment. Or something like that. No wonder some kids grow up tough!

  2. Since you have a tribe,how about Chief Running Nose......er.....ah....Chief Plugged Ear......um....wait......wut......where was I going with this? Neighbors had the same affliction run through their family in the last two weeks. Maybe the ordinary flu is out there despite what the WHO, CDC, and MSM are pushing. Get well Sarge........:)

    1. Oh the ordinary flu is still out there, make no mistake. As for the three organizations you mention, the WHO are Chinese dupes, the CDC is apparently run by incompetents, and the MSM are the propaganda arm of the Biden/Harris regime.

    2. Good summary, Sarge; though I'd excise the "apparently".
      And yes, despite "flattening the curve" for however long we've been at that, respiratory ailments will continue to plague living species as long as we live; altering one's DNA will not prevent that sort of thing.
      Boat Guy

    3. Oh, but I do hope this resolves in your favor, quickly and easily.

    4. BG #1 - I wrote "apparently" because I don't have sufficient data to declare them absolutely incompetent. I just base that on what I've personally seen.

      But if "apparently" were to be excised, I would not protest.

      Not one bit.

    5. BG #2 - Feeling better on Tuesday, so we're getting there. Thanks!

    6. "As for the three organizations you mention, the WHO are Chinese dupes, the CDC is apparently run by incompetents, and the MSM are the propaganda arm of the Biden/Harris regime." Can't disagree at all, but do have a question.

      If Biden were working for the Chinese Government, what exactly would he do differently than he has these past 8 months?


  3. In lieu of real medical input I will tell you my method for easing a water dammed ear problem.
    I mix rubbing alcohol and water to get about a 50/50 proportion, then I tilt my head and pour about a half of a bottle cap into the offending ear.
    After a bit of massage to the ear and the surrounding area, I tilt my head the other way and as the alcohol mix drains out the water problem goes away.
    I'm guessing the alcohol lowers the surface tension of the water and the clog becomes less clingy.

    Speaking of Petri dishes, my wife was a music teacher in a school that had Kindergarten through the eighth grade, and I worked at an international airport where occasionally people would take their passports and documents form their mouths and hand them to me.

    If I had a pair of Petri dishes, I would have to name them Rob and Laura.

    Take care.

    1. Not a plugged ear per se, ear was impacted by sinus infection. Things are better today.

  4. Surely you remember the Petri dish that is basic training???

  5. Earlier this year we made a visit to the home of a three year old with the croup.
    We’re told adults don’t get croup.
    What we aren’t told is that they may suffer from other symptoms that affect the upper respiratory system.
    ‘Nuff said.
    Feel better, Sarge.

    1. Better today, by a smidgen. Which I will gratefully accept!

    2. https://lionskip.blogspot.com/2021/08/side-trip-to-road-trip.html?m=1

  6. Sarge, one of the things my mother got from teacher - which I understand happens to all teachers eventually - is a overly robust immune system from everything that they have to face. I have friends that teach and one of their laments is that due to The Plague and teaching remotely, their immune systems are down to "normal" levels and they face the likelihood of getting everything that passes through.

    I have read that ailments such as RSV have been rising (which can be serious if not treated; Nighean Bhean had it when she was young) and part of the reason they are tying it to is a lack of general socialization and immune system building.

    Apparently there are commercial ear wax water removers, which my doctor recommended to me yesterday as apparently I have a bit of a jam in my left ear. Who knew such things existed.

    Very hopeful you will feel better today! Rest up!

    1. Feeling better today, on the mend, I hope.

      Teachers must have iron constitutions!

  7. Seeing the family and participating in an important event is always worth a few sniffles.

  8. One of the things I don't miss from working at the cop shop was having the said cops bring their disease vectors in to my building while they waited for a doctor's appointment, so they could minimize the time they had to take off. Thanks to that, I would Typhoid Mary Mrs. Andrew on a constant basis.

    I like children, well behaved especially, but to bring a sick one into a building so one can shave a couple hours off their sick leave usage? Bastards and female bastards all. Grrr.

    To make matters worse, when I was doing the seasonal allergy suffering thing they all acted like I had the plague. No, just allergies. Want to see the plague? I'd show them the plague by not showing up and calling in sick until I, as a responsible adult, was no longer sick.

    Hate people I do.

    Glad you and yours are feeling better.

    As to that blob of water in the ear? Yeah, annoying. It takes good Q-Tip Fu to get water out of the exposed ear canal. But worse is when your eustachian tubes get clogged. That really sucks.

    1. The pain in the ear was caused by the sinuses going insane.

      Both have calmed considerably in the past 24.

  9. Have you already dealt with covid? I don't recall if you've talked about that on here. While I wouldn't wish it on anyone, those that had it are pretty well protected from getting it again, or the Delta variant, since natural immunity is proving to be better than the vax.

    1. The Missus Herself and I have both suffered from the Wu Flu and have also been vaccinated, after we had it, at our Doctor's recommendation.

      As far as what I read/hear/etc. I scarcely know what to believe anymore. You should read today's Dilbert!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. This one has a lot of goodness. https://www.realclearscience.com/articles/2021/08/23/lets_stop_pretending_about_the_covid-19_vaccines_791050.html?fbclid=IwAR0SgiHlbnxtXYIFVHJurrWOUoqWbeqLXupHcWdJPMnVprpdmlkz8oBd24o

  10. Yup, little kids are every efficient germ factories, then they come and give the rest of us lots of hugs and smooches...which I am never turning down. Even if I do have the sniffles for the next 2 weeks...although like Beans, this time of year, my sinuses get hyperactive over all the ragweed, and goldenrod that is floating through the air. Spent 2 weeks at the beach...sea shore type beach...could not understand why I was wheezing and my nose was just draining like crazy...salt air isn't known for having a lot of allergy stuff in it. However, this beach is in front of a rather large marsh with a LOT of eel grass in it which, evidently, was in full bloom/pollination status.
    Vicks vapor rub, and Hall's Honey Lemon cough drops are useful for getting sinuses opened up as is a hot damp washcloth to the offending sinus/forehead and pushing fluids can all help.

    THBB is also correct that RSV has been really doing a number on kiddos this year, so it would be a good thing to have him checked out if he is not getting better.

    As much traveling as you have been doing this past summer, I am not surprised you came down with something. Flying always does it to me.

    Grandson's favorite word is "Done!!" as in down, or I'm done and want outta whatever someone else wants him to do...booger is a definite chuckle.

    1. Allergies, something I apparently have developed in my dotage, no fun at all!

      Yes, the wee lad's doctor called it RSV, he was pronounced to be on the mend (he had a follow up visit on his birthday, just to be sure) and Doc noted that he's a tough little guy. Which he is, not to mention clever and unbelievably cute.

      As much traveling as I've been doing, I'm surprised it took me that long to catch something!

      But as the wee lad might say, "Booger!"

  11. Sympathies, Sarge. I've likewise been suffering from some sort of upper respiratory malady, started as a very runny nose, progressed to chest congestion and bad cough, and taking forever to resolve. Think the viral part is done but now fighting secondary bacterial issues with sinuses and chest, including a still bad cough. The latter is becoming a bit more intermittent.. going on more than two weeks now. Ugh. And yes, RSV is rampant this year. Son the ER doc has seen a lot of it lately, especially in children. Glad the progeny and you are doing better. Hope I'm next!

    1. Sounds like what I've got. Had a bit of a relapse last night, if I tried to lay down, I'd start coughing, a lot. If I sat up, no problem.

      Guess who didn't get much sleep last night?


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