Thursday, August 11, 2022

Follow Up to This Morning's Very Quick Post ...

Okay, the early post was done on my cell phone last night when I realized that I was too tired to do a real post. This post is by way of an explanation.

The Wee Lad's birthday (son of Tuttle and The Nuke) is this Saturday. That's the callsign I'm hanging on him for now as The Nuke is expecting a second wee laddie come February. And I haven't got to talking about Die Lorelei who was born last February, the newest child of The Naviguesser.

The grandchildren seem to be pouring in! (And it makes me happy, yes it does!)

Anyhoo, some weeks ago I thought that a trip to Maryland was in order to help celebrate the Wee Lad's 2nd birthday. So we pulled pitch and headed out on a southerly course Wednesday morning.

Traffic was surprisingly "not bad," though we purposely avoided the GW Bridge in New York, opting to take the road across the Tappen Zee (no, I shan't call that bridge by its new name).

For the southbound approach to the GW is an absolute mother bear. My recollection of it is spiral on ramps climbing to the heavens, jam-packed with tractor trailers who all wish to be in a lane other than the one they currently occupy.

So yeah, no thanks.

Back to the novel tomorrow. We're going to go out for sandwiches now. Food, I'm into it.

Be seeing you.


  1. So how come the photo is the westbound Bay Bridge coming from the Eastern Shore? I would think if you were west of NYC you'd be coming into Annapolis from the north.

    1. This picture is accurate, Annapolis is off the starboard bow.

  2. in re "the southbound approach to the GW": and that's on the good days

  3. Have fun and say hello to the family for us. Safe Travels.

  4. There’s nothing quite like grandkids’ Birthday Parties! Yaaay for life. Take pictures. We have all our parties playing on the Firestick as a screen saver. So much fun, so many memories.

  5. I think you're gonna get used to seeing these grandkids on the regular! So what's the tally on these kiddlins now?


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