Friday, November 7, 2014

In The Blogyard (sic)

"An Old Whaler Hove Down For Repairs, Near New Bedford" by F. S. Cozzens
Harper's Weekly, December 1882. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons
So I am still endeavoring to modify the way the blog is viewed to accommodate all of our faithful readers. It's an onerous task but it is something which has to be done. On the other hand, I do like to tinker. Much like Ruxin tinkers with his lineup.*

Of course, the upshot to that is that the old blog will be in the 'yards for a day or so. We'll be careening her, maybe replacing some of the standing rigging and aim to make the running rigging a bit more efficient.

Public domain

Now as you might imagine, this could be a bit of work. As you can see in the preceding picture I have a bunch of oddly clad men going over the basic hull and apparently planting some sort of garden in the background. (You there! Yes, you. Run over there and tell those fellows to cease gardening and get back to work. There's a good chap, run along now.)

Public domain

As I tinker with blog settings late into the night, I realize I have nothing to post. Other than posts about tinkering with blog settings.

I also made the mistake of giving most of the crew liberty while the blog is in the yard. So I am undermanned and under-motivated. Sigh.

The Missus Herself is still in California so I am permanent SDO, at least until she gets back.

This is getting very tiresome.

But we'll get there.

(Now where is that blog-width adjustment modulator? Thought I left it right here...)

*Why yes, that is an obscure reference. Anyone care to guess?


  1. Stop tinkering! It looks good on my PC.

    1. What? Put down my tools? But I'm not done yet!

      Don't worry Joe, when I'm done it will look pretty much like it does now but with (hopefully) better zoom/unzoom characteristics.

  2. Replies
    1. Like I told Joe, I'm going to play with the zoom/unzoom thingee.

      I like the bigger font. At least it looks bigger on my machine.

  3. Are you SURE you want to use hot rivets on the planking?

    Sorry, couldn't hep m'sef. :)

  4. Remember when Lex used to bemoan some SQL servers or somesuch that nought but a nuclear person or perfectionist blogger would dally with?
    I think you done good. I can read you again without the side to siding of the arrows of left and right fortunate aspect so I agree with the rest. I think you can safely down tools.

    1. Tools down, yardbirds going ashore.

      Glad it's better Cap'n. I aim to please.

      (I do remember Lex bemoaning that stuff and should have taken it to heart!)


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