Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Not Now

Sunset, Veterans Day 2014
I was in the mood for a good solid rant on Monday. Why? I suppose because it was Monday. So Monday night I wrote up what I thought was a very nice rant regarding conscription, you know - the draft, selective service. Then when I hit the sack I realized that Tuesday was Veterans Day. The rant seemed inappropriate for that day.

So I said, "Not now..."

Then Tuesday afternoon found me driving home, thinking that I needn't work on a post for Wednesday. I'd just post my draft rant.

Then as I was unlocking the sally port to Chez Sarge I saw that sunset in the opening photo. Again I said to myself (regarding the rant), "Not now..."

While Monday and Tuesday sort of dragged and my lack of sleep made everything somewhat surreal, I thought back to the weekend. As I mentioned Saturday, if the ground dried out sufficiently, I would cut the grass on Sunday. Mister Weedwhacker decided to take a pass until later in the season. One more good trimming and we should be good for winter. Mister Mower, while not exactly cooperative, did manage to start and I chased him round the estate until 'lo and behold, the grass was cut. Time for a brew (or two).

This having an adult beverage as part of the grass cutting ritual is a new thing. While I have been known to quaff an ale on a hot summer's day, post mowing, doing it every time is a new habit. It gives me the chance to just sit back and enjoy nature for 30 minutes or so. While sipping a cold one.

Last Sunday's Ale Selections

I decided to go Smuttynose this Sunday last (sounds odd when I put like that, doesn't it?)

To the right is a Shoals Pale Ale, smooth with a nice touch of hoppiness, which my kid brother The Musician would not like at all. The smooth yes, but he has this anti-hoppiness thing going on which puzzles me. Are we not of the same parentage? Ah well, to each his own.

No, I haven't mentioned the ale on the left yet, patience I'm getting there. I'm getting old and set in my ways. I like to pace myself.

Bouncy House IPA

Yup, Bouncy House. I kid you not.

It's named for exactly what you think...

An inflatable amusement device. Or (as we call it round here) The Nuke's Bane. For when we were in Germany she managed to get a green stick fracture of one of her fingers at some event on base in one of these inflatable things. She claims that The WSO trampled her. Anything is possible. The WSO, like me, tends to be a bit "enthusiastic" when it comes to play time. All rambunctious she is.

Any way, the Bouncy House IPA is absolutely delightful, very smooth, incredible flavor with just the right amount of bite from the hops. I think even The Musician would like it. Let's have a closer look at that label, shall we?

The Horror!

I was reminded of that episode in Germany with the bouncy house when I first beheld the label on this excellent IPA.

The fellow on his back with the look of sheer terror on his face? Yup, he's playing the part of The Nuke. The lovely lady who appears to be fully airborne is portraying The WSO. She's going to demonstrate that gravity is about to do it's thing. And he knows it. The look on his face is priceless. (She seems to not have a care in the world...)

The folks up at the Smuttynose Brewing Company have an excellent sense of humor.

And a lot of talent when it comes to beverages brewed with hops and barley.

A lot of talent.

Will you get to see that draft rant any time soon?


But not now.

Not when I'm surrounded with such splendor...

The colors are awesome this time of year.
The Burning Bush (Euonymus alatus) is one of my favorites.
The sky was full of these slowly drifting pink clouds Sunday at sunset. 
I could have had another ale, but I restrained myself.

Hhmm, I thought I got all those leaves up Sunday?
Oh yeah, the trees have a lot left. A lot.


  1. Too nice a day for a rant, but there is a cold front moving in.

  2. 29 Fun Lovin' Degrees on my highly accurate truck thermometer on the way in this morning. With 20k out of the north. High is supposed to get all the way to 42 today. High yesterday was 81. What happened to Fall?

    1. Fall decided to hang out in Rhode Island a few more days.

      As I recall, the weather in Texas can be "exciting."

  3. The trees are spectacular ... but you knew that. We've had bare branches for two months.

    1. The leaves are going fast. One more steady rain and a bit of wind and they'll be gone.

  4. Front Range CO, 2nd week of November, and we have snow on the ground. 2nd week of October, 1997, we had snow up to the window sills. Crazy country.

    1. December of 1982, living in Denver, we got three feet of snow. They were playing golf in Fort Collins.

      Later in the decade (I don't remember the exact year) we had a blizzard which caused cancellation of classes at Colorado State. They were playing golf in Denver.

      The Front Range always had interesting weather.

  5. ...which my kid brother The Musician would not like at all. The smooth yes, but he has this anti-hoppiness thing going on which puzzles me.

    I'm with yer bro. I'm surprised there are ANY hops left in the USofA, given the unholy fascination among American brewers with IPAs. Give me a nice smooth Porter, a British bitter (which, contrary to its name ain't at all "bitter"), or a chocolate stout, thankyaverymuch. But, as you said, to each his own.

    Nice pics.

    1. I'm with you on those choices Buck. Not a fan at all of IPAs.

    2. I like Buck's choices as well. But I am a big fan of IPAs. Love the hops.

    3. Oh and FWIW, I will drink damn near anything which can be construed as beer / ale / stout / porter / lager etc., etc., etc....

  6. I'm sure it's good, but I could not in good conscience try that Bouncy House IPA just because of the label. I think of beer as a serious thing, and circuses, clowns, bouncy houses just aren't that. I hope for the sake of their business, that others don't think the same way that I do. But I would caution you to keep it away from Lil-bit, as the label might be a tad childish and attractive to little kids. Maybe I'm too stuffy though.

    1. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I really like that Burning Bush!

    2. The folks at Smuttynose have an odd sense of humor it seems.

      Odd that someone living in Southern California would be so "formal," hahaha.

      Little Bit stays away from anything non-sweet. Not to mention she'd be hard pressed to open the bottle.

    3. The Burning Bush has dropped a lot of leaves since Sunday.

      More's the pity, I love it as well. We have two!

    4. I deleted the other due to a typo. I suppose the name "Smuttynose" is the first indicator of their humor. Semi-formal maybe, but I'm in San Diego, which I consider an island unto itself here in California. I've always said that the worst part about SD is that it's in California!

    5. Smuttynose is actually an island off the coast of New Hampshire, though it belongs to Maine. Odd you should mention an island.

    6. To paraphrase an expression I once used often...
      California would be a great place if it wasn't for the people.

      As for those folks at Smuttynose, it's okay for them to not take themselves too seriously as long as the take what the do seriously.

    7. I think they do a fine job of brewing.

  7. Great Post!
    Your beer descriptions are mouthwatering. You should think about writing or something :)
    Sunday I dug out and repaired a leaking hydrant riser, enjoyed (heh-heh) splashing in a mud hole with temps in the 70's.
    This morning it was minus one and I was chopping ice in stock tanks. Should hit plus four today then minus 12 tonite. Tomorrow's high may hit plus 1.


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