Friday, March 27, 2015

Because It's An Anniversary (Well, Was...)

"Ian Anderson OJT 1200" by Sdo216 at en.wikipedia CC
I thought a spot of music was in order...

Found this tune out there, great song, great band.

This one takes me way, way back.

Me and my roomie, the Tier, were living out in the wilds of Vermont, at Buckingham Palace (we've covered that once before, briefly). It was a great place, calm, peaceful.

There are days I wonder why I left.

Oh yeah, life. It called.

I was kinda lonely back then, going through an introverted, long-haired sorta "poetic" phase.

Once, whilst feeling sorry for myself, a lovely lady of my acquaintance told me something...

"You will have a great life, you're not going to be famous, or rich, or good-looking. But you will be happy, you will be loved."

Girl had vision.

Enjoy your evening...

Hasta mañana.


  1. I think there's a reason there aren't more rock bands with flutists.

    1. There can be only one...

      (Movie quote and my opinion. Heh.)

  2. Well I think she was wrong, those last two certainly make you very rich!

    1. While we both know she meant "rich" as in financially well off, I wouldn't trade it for those last two. Not ever.


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