Sunday, March 15, 2015

Winter, Departing?

Saturday the 14th of March 2015
I awakened this morning to the patter of rain upon the window. Well, that didn't wake me, it was Sasha poking me in the face with her paw. She was suggesting that I had, perhaps, lain abed long enough and perchance I could see my way clear to feeding the feline staff here at Chez SargeOnly after mumbling my acceptance of this task did I notice that it was indeed, raining.

After feeding the kitties I looked outside at the gray, dreary day set before me.

And went back to bed.

Yes, I am afflicted with a bad case of sloth lately. One might blame the jet lag or perhaps it's simply my own lazy self to blame.

It's both actually.

Awakening at 0700 and seeing that it's light outside (after a fashion) I still have this little internal voice telling me, "it's only 0400 in California."

Yes, it is. However, I am not in California at the moment. Therefore I must needs be conform to the time zone I am currently occupying.

So I do. After a fashion.

Now a fellow might be excused for thinking that winter is over. Or nearly so. It has been forty or better since my return from warmer climes and the snow which has burdened the landscape for so long is slowly diminishing.

I can see nearly all of my little table!

The Missus Herself had expressed a desire to have all of "that white stuff" gone before her return to Little Rhody. It appears to me that she may get her wish.

Though there are rumblings over at the home of the weather guessers (TWC) of snow tomorrow and a return to colder weather next weekend. Which is, coincidentally, the first weekend of spring. The Vernal Equinox arrives on Friday, the 20th of March.

Will I be in trouble if the snow isn't all gone when the love of my life returns to the manse?

Stay tuned.

The flash going off in the dark and the wet gives this photo a weird aspect.
That big light in the parking lot next door intensifies the weirdness.
As the snow melts, the air becomes saturated and
gives us this misty, haunted look.


  1. And then..... It'll be too danged hot!

    Swap you a couple days of sunshine for a couple inches of rain?

    1. Sure, would love to. Do you think UPS or FedEx would work?

  2. "...might blame the jet lag or perhaps..." it's the freakin' Daylight Savings Time.
    I tell ya it's outlived its usefulness.

    1. I don't mind DST, I kinda like the extra light in the evening after work. I don't even mind 50% of the time that it changes. It's the Spring Forward that I don't like. Leave it sprung all year long and I'd be ok with it.

    2. Daylight saving time. Harrumph. Mixed feelings on that.

      They tried the leaving it sprung one year (might have been the late '80s early '90s) it was a disaster.

      Anything that the gubmint is in favor of, I tend to be against.

    3. P.S. That extra daylight after work is nice. Then again, I could learn to live without it.

      (Get up earlier and get to work earlier would cover that. Of course, not everyone has the flexibility to do that.)

  3. Those last two pics are "interesting", Sarge. When I glanced at the first one, I was thinking "My, Sarge was up early this morning, but nice sunrise." Scrolled to the next pic without reading the caption on the first. "How the heck did Sarge get a picture of a UFO? I wasn't even airborne this morning!". :-)

    Ditto on the swap sunshine for rain. (Most likely so would Skip if he wasn't grumpin about DST!) Just sayin'

    1. It was "interesting" taking those pics, trying to keep the phone dry and all that...

  4. Enjoy having a home, and a wife to come back to... :-)


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