Tuesday, June 7, 2016

4.5 Acres of Sovereign United States Territory

Had Christmas dinner aboard the "Ike" one holiday season some years back, The Nuke had invited us. A most pleasant meal in excellent company.

I spent a day at sea aboard "Ike" as well, a "Family and Friends Day Cruise." Saw the Virginia Capes from the deck of that magnificent warship. Would love to do it again, any time, any place.

Video published on Jun 5, 2016...

ATLANTIC OCEAN (June 3, 2016) Aerial video of the aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) underway in the Atlantic Ocean. Eisenhower is the flagship for the Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group and embarked Carrier Airwing 3. The CSG departed Naval Station Norfolk for a seven month deployment June 1. (U.S. Navy video by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Michael R. Gendron/Released) 160603-N-XD363-149


  1. How sad to realize that we once had 150 carriers, and now will soon have less than 10. ( 125 CVEs, 9 INDEPENDENCE, 12 ESSEX, 1 YORKTOWN, 1 LEXINGTON, 1 RANGER, 1 SABLE, and 1 WOLVERINE )

  2. In the photo above, the IKE needs two thing, some paintwork, and a squadron of Tomcats!

  3. Know very little about how the Navy works but.......What is a national asset doing without escorts? Home water to be sure but rouge nations have submarines.

    1. They are there. Just not in the video. Somewhere, unseen, is a Los Angeles, perhaps a Virginia, class attack boat.


      The carriers don't travel far from home without the rest of the strike group.

  4. I like Ike. When I was there she still had that new carrier smell.

    1. I have that pin from the ship, "I Like Ike."

      I treasure it.

  5. 35 years, man and boy, with the navy, and never once did I step foot aboard a carrier of the USN. I was once on an AVT and many tours aboard X USS MIDWAY, but all the active carriers of the fleet remain, as they always have, a mystery. They can, reliably, run up on a a rock 90 miles off the coast, cruise in their pleasure in the unswept lane of the north bound Q route in the Red Sea.

    More years then you could shake a stick at in a war zone we know as the Persian Gulf and I never saw a carrier or it's battle group.

    It's a terribly small world out there on our oceans.

    1. The Gulf is not a place where I would hazard a carrier and it's escorts.

      I should do a post on mine warfare, a little known and vastly unappreciated arm of the Navy. Pretty damned important though!


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