Monday, June 6, 2016

Happy Birthday Dad

Kind of hard to believe where the time goes.

It doesn't seem that long ago that I talked with him.

Then again, it feels like centuries have passed since I last had a laugh with my Dad.

I thought he was a good Dad, and a good man.

Sure, he had his faults. Don't we all? But for all that, he was a good father and a good man.

I sure miss you old man. I miss your advice, I miss just talking with you.

I'll see you again, I have faith in that.

But for now, the distance is far, the mists separate us.

Rest easy Dad.

He would have been 88 today.

He was a soldier once...

...and young.

Weren't we all?


  1. Today is a Great day for a birthday! Only the Great ones are blessed to have a birthday today. Just sayin'

    1. Oh dear, that's right...

      Happy Birthday Juvat!

    2. The Birthday Badger sends Respectful Birthday Greetings to All Born on This Date, and hopes the Year To Come is filled with Pie! ( Badgers like 19th Century British capitalization )

  2. I still think of things I'd like to ask my Dad, too.

  3. I am convinced that we will never stop missing them, or that we will stop mentally asking them questions and wishing they were still here to answer them. My Dad would have been 93 this year, WWII/ETO was the defining period of his life.


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