Wednesday, July 11, 2018

I'm Like a Very Cheap Wine*

So on Sunday last, The Missus Herself, The WSO and her two bairns (the grand-progeny) set forth to head for Niagara Falls...

What's that?

Yes, I do identify with Curly, why dost thou ask?

Anyhoo, the ladies of the house, well the human ones anyway, went off to visit the great wonder which sits astride the border with the Great White Up. Me?

I went back to work...

Yes, I do identify with Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott. (A Scottish thing I suppose. Plus the engineering bit, and the cries of "I'm giving it all it's got but it can't take much more" and "That'll take days Captain." And squeezing another percent or two from the whatever, and getting it done in hours, not days. Well, conceptually anyway.)

So I'm back at the "salt mines" (the place where facilities apparently didn't get the memo that it was bleeding hot outside and would someone please turn the frigging air conditioning on) where I'm doing my bit to give the customers the very finest product money can buy.

In spite of management, not always, but at times it feels that way.


I'm working, the ladies are...

Having a most excellent time.

Why didn't I go with them? See the title and the foot notes.

On a side note, the senior granddaughter is now a Foo Fighters fan, and the junior granddaughter, upon first entering my "command center" or "man cave" as some like to call it, saw my guitars and sang out...

"Rock and Roll!"

Oh yeah baby, you got that right!

* I don't travel well...

Update -  Paul is not insane, the rings he refers to in the comments as being on my wife's right hand appeared to be on her right hand but are actually on her left hand. My daughter has an iPhone, for some reason iPhone photos come out ass backward. I repaired that deficiency. No, I'm not a fan of Apple. Never have been. Sorry.


  1. Out of the mouth of babes..... got a chuckle from that Sarge..... :)

  2. I had no idea you played guitar. I myself am a recovering drummer.

    You're not a cheap wine, you've just aged well.

    1. In my formative years I had aspirations of being a rhythm guitarist. As is my wont, being terminally lazy, when I discovered that the bass had only four strings (well, back then they did) I switched. Enjoyed it immensely.

      I haven't played much for a few years. I need to remedy that, the granddaughters are after me to play. So, I must.

      No wonder we get along so well, a bassist and a drummer are natural allies.

  3. I've not seen the Car portion of the Stooge's Skit. That was flippin' hilarious. Thanks, needed that guffaw this morning.

    1. Yeah, I found that while writing the post. There's a longer version of the Niagara Falls skit but it's "too long" - when I saw this one (with the car bit), I had to run with it. I love the car bit.

  4. Falls? Quite a leak you all got there. And quite proud of it too eh?

    Yeah well I bet we got a plumber out here could fix it.

    /There's a very oblique Jerry Brown joke in there somewhere/

  5. That's a great picture of your "Gals", Sarge. Had I known how great grandkids are, I'da had them first. (Have I posted that here before?) Our youngest just graduated from Texas A&M and is working productively in her first real world job. I sure do miss them being the ages yours are.

    Speaking of playing bass, I played string bass in a band during my high school days. We made a couple of records that were popular for a while both here and up north. I haven't played since I used to sit in with a jazz group in Manila. Google Gene Summers and the Rebels.

  6. When Murphy, the plumber, immigrated from Dublin, he saw Niagra Falls.
    He said, “I think I can fix that!”

  7. That group are fond of you, to be sure, but a girls day out? Can't beat that.

  8. "I'm Like a Very Cheap Wine*" You come in a box??

  9. That's a very nice set of rings that The Missus Herself has on her right hand.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

    1. Yes, they're very nice, I shall pass that along.



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