Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Meejah

The meejah, what is it and when and where on Earth did I first see that term?

Well, Gentle Reader, the answer as to when is this past Wednesday instant, yesterday it was. The where is over at David Warren Online, here, then almost immediately again, here. Two posts in less than a week from one of my favorite bloggers, of whom faithful reader SoCal Pir8 was heard to say (in a comment here), "Great, another blogger I have to have a dictionary close by."

Well, yes, he does use some big words. But when I saw the term "meejah" over there, I thought at first that it was some quaint Canadianism which I wasn't aware of, eh?

(No, they don't all talk like that. Though some do, not many but, yes, I am digressing badly.)

Then it hit me, thank the Good Lord for context, "Ah, meejah, aka media." Now it was clear, and I found it très amusant. It's also spelled "meeja" and is actually defined online here. I mean the Oxford Dictionary online, it's gotta be accurate, I mean the English "invented" English didn't they?

And whenever I think of the English, I think of the Norwegian Blue, pining for the fjords.

If you gather by all this rather disconnected blather that I am not a big fan of the media, well then you are quite correct. So I do believe that henceforth and forevermore I shall refer to the media as, drum roll please, The Meejah. I mean it's comical and disdainful all at once.

If you haven't already, go read those David Warren posts, especially the second (this one) about the "leader" of Canada. The post is yclept "Justin the Groper." Now at first I thought perhaps it was an article about a large ill-tempered tropical fish, nope that would be a grouper. Hey, I'm tired, first week back at work after vacation and all that, but there was a great quote at the end of that post, to wit -
Rejoice! Another proof that liberalism destroys itself. It will destroy a lot of other things first, but in the end, it flames out. No abnormality can endure forever.
Yup, this is me rejoicing, and the thought that Shrillary's recent presidential campaign is also "pining for the fjords" and would be pushing up the daisies if The Meejah hadn't nailed it to the perch puts me into a paroxysm of giggles and chortling.

Yes, I am silly.

Get on with it!

I hear a grandkid calling, I'm off then!


  1. I like the term and will start using it. As an example of my loathing "The Meejah", whenever I'm testing a internet connection, I use the Communist News Network as the test site. I know that I never use it, so if it shows up, I know it's not a cached version of the site. Got no use for that entity nor its ilk.

  2. I mispronounced it when I first saw it, using the Hispanic “J” sound.
    Scratched my head, I did.

    1. Well, that would make it sound like "MEE-Haw" which would sound like the bray of a donkey. Which is the symbol of....

      Skip, I think you're on to something there.

    2. I like what you're implying there Juvat. A lot.

    3. It's the exposure to Spanish, Skip. When I hit an unfamiliar word I often go with the German pronunciation. Which in this case would be MEE-yah, which would have baffled me. Fortunately I went with the Anglo-J, still took a moment.

    4. Auf Deutsch is my second go to.
      I'm not proficient in any language other than English, but German and Spanish are at least recognizable.

    5. There are days that I feel my proficiency in English is questionable. At best.

  3. Oh, I don't know... I just like some of the alternate meanings for media, like, oh, say, the jello snotty-stuff that one grows bacteria in.

    But... I can't even fathom what portion of London(istan) that 'meejah' would come out of. I could see something sounding like the Brit pronunciation of 'India' which would render it sounding like... 'Meadja' I presume. Well, I guess I can see meejah coming out of that, but dang, awful hard way to say "Those Arseholes what do propaganda at us." And they think WE talk funny. Yeesh!

    And I thought the Spanish/Mexicano version of Media was pronounced "Los Pendejos" or something like that, or that could be how they pronounce the span/mex word for government. Oh, well, I am much more familiar with French or War-German (Panzerspahwagon, Shutzenpanzer, Sonderkraftfahrzeug, and their abbreviations, you know, all the important words...)

    1. One of my favorites is Raketenpanzerbüchse, the official name of the Panzerschreck. I sprang that on my Luftwaffe buddies while in NATO, turns out that not all Germans speak "War-German."

      Well, to be fair, their Air Force is about as militaristic as ours. DAMHIK...

    2. Wait, War-German is just like Organic Chemistry-German. You just take a whole sentence and string it together in one long-arsed word. It's so easy to understand. Yeesh, some people.

      At least we don't have to use broomsticks to simulate weapons, as their army has, our tanks still roll and shoot, our planes (both aquatic and non-aquatic) fly (mostly,) our subs are still out of drydock, and we only have the Zumwalt, LCS and Ford classes to mar our maritime acquisitions... Hmmm, maybe we are closer to them than I wish we were.

      I think we should do like the Kriegsmarine did with their latest destroyer class and just return the LCSes to the vendors without pay.

      As to the Luftwaffe, I do want to ask... So many stories in that deep hole to mine. :)

  4. Y'all are in rare form today. I likes it.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt


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