Friday, February 28, 2020

Miss You, Dad...

Robert Bain Goodrich
June 6, 1928 - February 28, 2010
Can't believe it's been ten years...

Feels like yesterday...

Feels like long ago...

Love you Dad.


  1. I know the feeling. Hang in there, Bubba!

    He had a great birthday, BTW!

  2. Been over 21 years since I lost my dad. Still seems like yesterday. The phone call at 3am.

    Stay safe, go hug your wife.

  3. lost my dad in 1996 - still miss him as well, but the pain has lessened. He also had a great birthday - April 1! He loved telling people he was an April Fool. A good man, for sure. May all our fathers have peace in their eternal rest.

  4. Dad's are important, I know I miss mine. Your Dad must have been a Good Dad, because your Kids sure have a Good Dad, and someone must have taught you how to do it!.

  5. It is a hurt that will never entirely heal, I fear.

  6. My dad reposed in Nov. of '06 and to our surprise was cremated and had is cremains put in the crypt with his 2nd wife (mom had fallen asleep in the Lord in 1981). Once the shock of that wore off we realized that he had been married to his 2nd wife for almost as long as he had been married to mom so it made sense. My eldest brother asked me, the night before I was driving from Sonoma County down to Vista if I would do the service at the site "You're clergy of some sort and I forgot to arrange that." WAY above my pay grade, but I asked our priest what parts of the service I could do.

    For all our parents, and others, who have fallen asleep in the Lord:

    1. What a beautiful hymn, thanks for that Joe.

    2. My pleasure, sir. Glad you liked it.

      If I had been more on the ball I would have posted the video of a priest censing and giving the prayer before "Вечная память" (Memory Eternal) on Memorial Day.

    3. The music suits the occasion perfectly.


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