Sunday, June 19, 2022

Once more....With Feeling!

 Well, Campers, as explained last week, today is CBW Day.  In case you're worried about clicking links, CBW stands for Church and Blog Writing day.  My usual Sunday routine described in 4 words.  Yes, Beans, my life is that mind-numbingly exciting.  In that post, I expressed concern that I would lose track of the actual days of the week as CBW date anchors me in the space time continuum and other days are measured as CBW +/- X.  And, in fact, that happened.  All week long, I had to check my watch to find the day of the week as we had numerous events happening.  Fortunately, I was able to keep it somewhat together.

But, we have AC in the Woodshed, improved fencing for my Sister's house allowing her Dogs about an acre to explore freely.  The Bookshelves have been delivered and installed.  

MBD and SIL's Canines have been returned safely.  (In Spite of transiting the Highway from Hades with my usual running commentary at various loudness levels, they slept the entire way.)  Most importantly, reacquaintance with MG was established.  

Two of the biggest changes noted is her balance is very much improved.  She can almost stand on her own and has just enough wobble to warrant adult hands in the close, but not touching, distance.  Additionally, the sounds she makes are starting to have tonal qualities to them.  

So...Being the Pediatric expert I am (not), I foresee great things in the next little while.

On the "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego Old Air Force Sarge" front, rumor has it that they've decided "To Heck with Work and Rhode Island" and they're staying in the Southerin (yes, that's spelled and pronounced correctly) region.  I've also heard he's started using the words "Y'all" and "Fixin' to" quite frequently.  

As best I can figure, it means Beans, you got next week.  Tuna, the week after, Me, the next one et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. to quote Yul Brynner.

Now that we've got that out of the way, what else have you been doing, juvat?

Well, since that diabolical villain, Lt Fuzz, got me hooked on Photomyne, I've been digitizing family photographs.  

Some were flying related.

Picture was taken by my crew chief in the back seat of our F-15 (a two seat D model) just prior to taking him for an incentive ride.  His smile was even bigger than mine, and even bigger after the ride.

Getting ready for a Live AIM-7F launch.  Unfortunately, my wingman's missile guided for a direct hit destroying the drone.  Ah...Well.

Picture was taken by Mrs. (aka Captain) J of me refueling on a KC-135.  I must have been going someplace given the baggage pod on the left inboard (right side in the photo, Beans). but I have no remembrance of where.  Yes, That's how close you get, and it looks a heckuva lot closer from the fighter's point of view.  

Mrs. Captain J in the back seat for an incentive ride.  Pilot's callsign was Mongo.  She had a blast, got to fly the airplane a bit. (Mongo reported she was a natural.) Most importantly. didn't...well you know what.

On the family front, I found and digitized these.

The picture is of Little Juvat, MBD and I as a going away present to Mrs. J.  I was PCS'ing to Ft Leavenworth for Army Command and Staff College.  The rest of the gang was staying on Kadena for another year to finish out Mrs. Captain J's tour.  Hard to believe MBD now has a daughter older than she is in this picture.  Tempus Fugit as I said recently.

Post School, our next assignment was an extreme hardship to the USCINCPAC (United States Commander in Chief Pacific Command) at Camp Smith Hawaii.  You know, one of those assignments you just suck it up and say "Yes, Sir".

Little J, going all "Native" on me.

Two big moments in his life.

Getting fitted for his Texas Aggie Corps of Cadets Senior Boots.

And, even more important, wearing them to graduation.

So. my assignment to fill my wasted time is to digitize photos. So far, I've digitized about 1/3 of the first, small, storage cartons of photos.  Got lot's more, and I promise I won't bore you with the family history again.  However, you really might want to look into Photomyne if you've got a lot of paper photos you'd like to digitize.  I did 30 this morning and conversion from paper into my computer as individual files took about 5 minutes.  Highly recommended.

And yes,  they are on the Skylight digital picture frame. Of course!

Peace out, Y'all, I'm fixin' to take a nap.


  1. A well- earned rest juvat, pressing that keyboard always tires those fingers...........:)

  2. The bookshelves look great Juvat (and it comforts me to see at least one book I recognize from when our girls where that age!)

    I forwarded your recommendation of Photomyne on to The Ravishing Mrs. TB. She has a ton of pictures as well and is almost all digital at this point.

    Feel free to continue to bore us with pictures. At least for me, given the craziness of the world today, a little normality and "has nothing to do with the real world" is actually a welcome thing.

    1. Also - If/when the Danube wine tour is finalized, could you put a shout out? That is the sort of thing The Ravishing Mrs. TB would likely be interested in.

    2. THBB,

      Last first. I hear ya, Brother, Brother, DO I hear you!

      Glad to hear about your Bride's digitizing record, but I've got Lt Fuzz to blame.

      Re: the bookshelves. I thought they turned out well (The fighter pilot in me says "Could be better", but...) The important thing is MBD loves them. So....I've got that going for me. Yes, I often quote Caddy Shack.

    3. Mrs J here. The Wine Host River cruise won’t happen until 2023 (we think). The itinerary will be one of the ones on the Danube. The cruise line is AMA Waterways. The cruise will include wine tastings and meals paired either the winery’s wines. Mrs TB, please send me an email at
      so I can add you to the contact list once we’ve finalized the cruise. Thanks!

    4. Thank you Mrs. J! I will do so. 2023 would work well, as I am reliably informed that 2022 is "full up" in terms of vacation at this point.

    5. Hopefully, all works out. I'd like to meet face to face at some point. A river cruise in Europe would be icing on the cake.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Boss, wait til you see what I've got cooked up for Tuesday.

    2. Looking forward to it. You've done well Pilgrim!

    3. Have a safe trip home tomorrow!

    4. Delayed until Tuesday, LUSH leaves then. Also needed another day with the grands.


    5. Well, the thank goodness for Tuna! My well of stories is pretty well dry now. Got a lot of respect for your writing abilities day in and day out. I think I'm going to take a nap for about 5 days straight now.

  4. Okay, let me see (checks checklist) and I press this and I press that and, hmmmm, what's that other thing, okay, I may remember this thing...

    I'll grab the reins and go with this.

    Nice photos.... Oh, the Mighty F4... I saw a recent (2016) documentary dealing with the Mighty F4 in Japanese hands. Will have to do a report on said documentary...

    1. It was a good airplane. Could do a lot of different missions relatively well, the "specialty built" airplanes (A-10/F-15A,B,C,D) could do their mission better, but not much else, The F-15 E could do Air to Air, but that requires a LOT of training and practice which comes at the expense of the primary mission. So....
      I enjoyed the F-4 but didn't love it, like I did the Eagle. Just sayin'.

    2. "Is that red light supposed to blinking like that?"

      "No no, all good - that is really more of a 'notification' rather than an actual thing to be worried about..."

      Looking forward to it Beans!

    3. Blinking Red Lives is NEVER good. Warning horns accompanying them is double plus not good. Had that happen a few times didn't stop shaking til I was back in the squadron and had a bit of medicinal fluid in me.

  5. Love the photos! Some good memories of that boot fitting day - I think we celebrated by going by "The Chicken" for a cool beverage afterwards.

    Shelves look great!

  6. You wrote, "Unfortunately, my wingman's missile guided for a direct hit destroying the drone." From an insider's point of view, I laughed out loud at that statement. It sounded like something a tech rep would say. Back in the day, we had little problem with missiles hitting anything except the ocean or sand. I can remember the tech reps at the 0700 gathering on the day after missile launching day on the syllabus saying things like "the pilot had too many 'G's' on the airframe, the pilot didn't steer the aircraft as delicately as required, the pilot…, the pilot, etc.".
    Glad you like Photomyne. It is a wonder to this non-tecchie guy.

    1. It wasn't that different when we went to Clark on my first assignment at the Kun. I didn't get to participate as I was "too young". and many of the older guys, You know, early thirties, hadn't had a chance to fire live either. Unfortunately, our results weren't much better. Then somebody named Reagan came around. Things got better after that, My AIM-9M passed within lethal distance of the drone. So, a kill is a kill although less exciting than seeing it explode.


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