Monday, May 16, 2022

Un peu de ce, un peu de ça* (**)

It's been a busy week since last you and I spoke. Nothing earth shattering, mind you, just lots of things.

MG (My Granddaughter or her First Initial Middle Initial, take your pick) has passed the six month point and is now eligible to fly. So, MBD, Pastor Bob and she flew to NYC to visit an old family friend, who also happened to be the person that presided over their wedding. 

 Flight was scheduled to leave at 4:30 PM. 

You know what's coming next doncha? 

 "The plane has some mechanical difficulties which will be fixed...shortly."

 An hour later they unlatch the doors and allow the passengers to return to the terminal. Folks, the plane was leaving from Austin, TEXAS in May in the late afternoon. No, the AC wasn't running.  MBD said it was "Warmish, kinda like an oven." I wish I had her way with words.

It finally departs about 9 PM arriving about 1 AM.  After a $135 Uber ride, they arrive at the friend's house about 2:45 AM. 

How did MG do?

Well...She had a drink, (As did her Parents, although I think theirs might have contained a bit more kick than hers)

Pastor Bob looks like he'd like to take a nap also.

Then managed to sleep the rest of the way.  Granddaughter's got some fighter pilot in her blood.

On a different note, the kids sent Mrs. J and I probably the best Parent's Day (combined Mother's/Father's Day) gift of all time. It's called a "Skylight", a computerized picture frame.  Which is somewhat cool in itself, but the software that drives it makes it great.  The owner sets  up a personalized e-mail.  He can then send that e-mail address to anyone he wants to have access to the pictures.  Pictures are added by emailing them to that address.  Their server automatically downloads the attached picture and adds it to the collection.   Permissions include the ability to add pictures or just view them.  


Very shortly after I sent the info to MBD and Pastor Bob, this one appeared in the rotation.  Might be my favorite (so far).

Shortly thereafter, this picture arrived.  I had never seen this one before.  Yes, Beans, I rechecked the settings. I had NOT allowed anonymous access.  So, I asked Mrs. J if she knew anything about it.

Turns out, that's her mother and father on a date in the early '50s, when he was stationed in England.  Her Mom passed while Mrs. J was in college, so I had never met her.  

Now I have. That's why I think it is the greatest gift EVER!

Finally, the smartest purchase I've ever made was a riding lawn mower.  Mrs. J tried it one time when we first got it.  I haven't mowed the lawn since!  

Smart, Right?

Peace out, y'all!

*A little of this, a little of that.  Apparently, neither French nor German differentiate between this and that. (or maybe Google doesn't.)

** Updated with a little help from a friend!


  1. So glad you guys like the photo frame! We need to send you a couple photos :)

    1. Please do! Mrs. J wants it on the Bar next to the Fireplace. I have it on the counter in the kitchen next to where I sit. I've spent a lot of time there recently. Great Gift! Thanks.

  2. A riding lawn sly Skylight eh? Well off to the InterNets again, this place is costing me $$$$.

    1. Nylon, Money is not that important. Memories, however.........

  3. Technology does have its uses - that is pretty cool, Juvat. And I had no idea that one could do them via server and access. That has all kinds of wonderful possibilities (I think of this more as well now as I have 40 years of pictures from my parents...).

    Brilliant move on the riding lawn mower. We have one here at The Ranch I need to learn to use; the fact that they seem so ubiquitous suggests they really are fun to drive.

    1. THBB,
      The system comes with Apps for your Cell and computer. So all your pics are accessible all the time. It really is a fairly well thought out system. You do have to watch file size just like any other web based thing, but other than that, I haven't found any down side.
      She seems to like it. I think she listens to "Ride of the Valkyrie" while she's annihilating grass and weeds. That theory is based on the grin on her face at the time.

  4. Great pictures of your little one, she's absolutely adorable. I once had one of those picture frames, back then it was a "load it up from a memory stick" and not an online thing. It was awesome having multiple pictures cycling.

    Not sure what you used for a a translator, I keep coming up with Un peu de ceci, un peu de cela. Translating "this" by itself gave me "ce," translating "that" came out "ça." A lot of online translation services stumble on such things.

  5. I tried 3 or 4 of the hits Google offered. All did the same thing. Good suggestion on parsing it out though.

    Vis a Vis MG. Yep, suffice it to say we're elated to have her around. Looking forward to Little J and LJW's daughter's arrival also. Gonna have to start working on a Tactical Call Sign for her. I'm open to suggestions.

  6. Ah yes, the 'joys' of flying today... Glad they got there safely! And cute kid!!! :-)

    1. Yeah, Mrs. J is putting together a family/friends cruise from Barcelona next summer. Between the still existing covid restrictions in some of the countries we'll dock in and the flight enthusiasm is a bit muted.

      Thanks, we kinda like her a lot!

    2. Echo the cute kid comment!!!
      For the joys of flying. One time (on Northworst) going home from CA. Just the final short leg from MSP MN to GFK ND. Arrive at the gate. No airplane visible (must be one of those new stealth ones). Mechanical troubles. They find a replacement and we board. And sit. Catering truck has not arrived (there are muttered comments of "forget the peanuts and let's go") [Turns out GFK is end of track and they need the stuff for the morning return flight, but at least they had plenty of time to get the luggage aboard]. Finally rolling at last, then come to a jolting halt on a taxiway. A resigned (and tired) pilot announced "You won't believe this. Air Force One is landing, and we are in a ground stop". My thoughts about Bill Clinton that night were dark, dark...

    3. Don,
      My thoughts about those people have never been anything but dark. I seen her in a meeting I attended as the guy that whispers the answer in the General's ear. She exudes evil.

  7. If I come visit, I'll mow your lawn for free if I get to ride the mower! My son LOVED taking his grandpa's out for a spin in the horse pasture.

    1. Come on Down, Tuna! Guest houses are always available. I can't guarantee that Mrs. J will cooperate however. Kidding about the latter, not the first part.

  8. Little MG is adorable! ❤️
    And now I want to drive a riding mower!

    1. Mary,
      Thanks, She and MBD are staying with us now for a few days. So we're pretty excited.

      I've heard that they're a lot of fun to drive and are cooler and quicker than pushing a mower. In Texas in the summer, those attributes count for a lot.


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