Cookies And Privacy, i.e. Bureaucratic Crap

The Chant's Cookie and Privacy Policy

So, apparently the European Union (which The Chant, Little Rhody, the United States, and North America are not even remotely a part of) has laws, rules, diktats and fiats which govern the use of cookies on websites. I'm sure that they have those things for just about every aspect of life in Europe.

Bureaucrats make rules, it's what they do.

Now apparently Teh Google has decreed that we have to have some sort of warning attached to the blog which states that cookies are used herein, beware, etc., etc., it's the end of the world as we know it.

Well, to be honest, if Teh Google (which owns, operates, and runs Blogger, the tool which The Chant is built upon) uses cookies, I wouldn't know about it.

Teh Google says "we've taken care of installing crap to ensure that your blog complies with all those EU cookie rules but it's up to me to make sure that it works."

Uh, right.

I don't know if cookies are in use here or not. That's Google's problem, not mine. Sure "free shit" blah-blah-blah, etc...

Now we don't store your stuff, why would we and what on Earth would we do with it? Sell it to the very creatures who we ourselves despise and hate? Ya know, telemarketers and other bottom-dwelling scum? I think not.

If you leave a comment, odds are, unless you're Any Mouse, you've left a footprint in the form of a "profile." Those are easy enough to make private/invisible/inviolate that I daresay even my cats could figure it out. But they've got a human to see to that so there.

So cookies, if we use them it's because of Google. I don't consciously use any third party stuff to track anything. Most of those tools are crap anyway.

I don't store yer stuff. I don't want it, it's of no use to me.

And damn it but aren't there days when I think we should have left the Eurocrats and their ilk to the tender mercies of the French, Germans, Russians, Mongols, conquerors du jour rather than shed all that blood so they can make silly rules in Brussels which, in their grand delusions, they think hold any water here in these United States.

A pox on their houses.

So beware of all that stuff.

If the blog should (perish the thought) disappear, it's probably because we've run afoul of the jack-booted thugs nice people at Google who are kowtowing to faceless minions of an unelected elite on that continent across the pond.

Bah, Humbug.

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