Juvat's Voting Rubric


The revised juvat voting rubric:
  1. No democrat ever
  2. No incumbent¹ (in the primaries)
  3. No unopposed ever
Several politicians have very clearly revealed their despotic tendencies. The majority, but not entirety, of those belong to a single party. Hence rule 1.

Make politicians work for your vote, each and every election cycle. However, when it's for all the marbles, and the incumbent is the better than the bad choices by far, then don't take the chance that your vote won't matter. Hence the modified rule 2.

Make the unopposed candidate look at his percentage of votes cast and wonder why his number wasn't 100%. I believe an unopposed candidate believes himself to have been so right for the job that nobody wanted to face him. Make him wonder about his real level of support. Hence, rule 3.

¹ The older version didn't have "(in the primaries)."

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