Monday, May 23, 2022

"God is Great, Beer is good, People are Crazy" troisième partie

 So there we were...* Deep in the heart of Texas in the midst of a very severe drought (somewhere around an inch of rain this year so far and we're about to enter the dry season). Yesterday a huge thunderstorm popped up and the radar return was pink and purple.  Unfortunately it went south of Rancho Juvat and we got nothing. 

It was a mist opportunity.

Thank you, thank you verr much. Be sure and tip the wait staff.

Been a pretty good week overall although I did get a bit of bad news.  Went back to the ENT Doc for my post-meds follow up on my sinus infection.  Part of the visit was a cat scan of my head.  Apparently, my right maxillary sinus is nearly totally full of fluid.  So they've got me scheduled on the 9th for a "procedure" to clear it.  It involves a balloon up the nose and then inflated.  I'll be sedated but awake.

Sounds like fun, don't it?

But the good news is MBD and MG came and stayed with Mrs. J and I for the past week.  Pastor Bob is on a Men's retreat  in Alabama.  He, and they, will be back home as this post hits the web.  But it has been fun, memory recovering, educational,  family bonding in the interim.

MG is way more developed than the last time we saw her.  She'll be 7 months in a couple of days.  She's not talking yet, but is very vocal and does a pretty good job of communicating happiness or wet diapers/hunger.  She's also able to stand up, but requires a bit of stabilization, so we're practicing that exercise in a lap with hands very close to her armpits.


This Grandparent gig is even more fun than my previous most fun gig (something dealing with altitude and hundreds of MPH).  Besides, I doubt my current shape would stand the previous funnest gig.  

But one of my "opportunities"to spread my Grandfatherly knowledge to my youngest relative was in showing her how to, and assisting her with, eating semi-solid food.  In this case, a puree of apples, strawberries and beets. (No Beans, I didn't have the intestinal fortitude to try it myself.)

Things went swimmingly!

 Even though she needed a bath and I a shower shortly thereafter, we both got a lot of laughs.

If the Olympics ever decide swimming should be conducted in a pool of a puree of apples, strawberries and beets, she's a shoe-in for a Gold.




Had an interesting revelation about one of our restaurants that, pre-WuFlu, we'd frequently visit.  The owners took advantage of the relative lack of customers to do some renovation and decorating.  This was the first time in a long time that we ate inside (Tx gets hot, even in May).  We had just ordered and I'm looking around when my eye catches this.

Astute Chant readers will immediately recognize the gentleman in the top left corner.  And I was aware that Admiral Nimitz was born in the 'Burg and his family owned a hotel in town (which is now "The National Museum of the Pacific War" officially, and, locally, "The Nimitz Museum".  Smithsonian quality museum, definitely a "must see" if in the area).  

Anyhow, what I didn't know was the room I was sitting in was the room that Admiral Nimitz was actually born in.  The Life article had been found in a closed off room when they were renovating and they decided to hang it for the folks that have an interest in such things.

I asked our waitress about it, she filled me in about the significance and told me a bit more that had been discovered.

This is the area we usually sit in when we visit this restaurant.  Very relaxing.  What the waitress told us was that BITD, the white building on the left behind the red umbrella was the Nimitz family's first home.  The building across the breezeway to the right was the Nimitz' Butcher Shop.  The Nimitz Museum is across the street and to the right as you leave that breezeway.  

Little things like that, bring history to life.  Or...It does for me.

Which pretty much ends the events of the week.  Lots of fun.

But...As one might suspect from the post title, not everything went swimmingly.

Past posts with variations of this post's title can be found here and here. We've also had 2 near misses with regard to the oven/stove in our guest houses.  The first of which, the guest was looking to toast some French Bread for dinner.  Instead of looking in the drawer below the oven (an obvious place to store oven pots and pans), they used the plastic mat used under the dish rack to funnel water into the sink.  Dried it off, put the bread on it and put it under the broiler.  Didn't mention anything about it to us, but we do check around when we clean.  Took us a very long time to clean the oven. They received a very low guest rating on our review of their stay.

Then there was the guy who got up early and wanted to make his wife some tea and serve it to her in bed.  Didn't want to wake her up, so didn't turn on the lights.  Grabbed the tea kettle, filled it full of water, put it on the stove and turned the burner on high.  Went outside for a breath of air, came in a few minutes later to see the electric tea kettle with a plastic bottom was on fire.  Fortunately, he kept his wits about him, grabbed the fire extinguisher and put the fire out.  He then called us and explained what had happened and apologized profusely.  

We had a couple of guests last week.  A twosome, mother and daughter.  Mom was in my age bracket, daughter was in my kid's.  Spent a lot of time in town shopping, and sat on the front porch in the evening talking.  So far, so good, right?

Well, not exactly.  Because of the drought, the county has been on a burn ban for months.  No open flames, period.  Mrs. J being the thoughtful, romantic person she is, removed the candles for the tables outside and replaced them with battery powered candle look a likes, complete with flickering "Flame".


Apparently, they tried, and succeeded to set it aflame.

We think alcohol just might have been involved.

So, based on all that,  I'm thinking Billy Currington might need to be invoked again.

Peace out, Y'all!


  1. Morans......everywhere you look, Morans. Haven't you heard of that new plastic that's good to use on stove burners/in ovens good up to a gazillion degrees? MG has really sprouted, just wait until she's ambulatory, you'll get exercise then.

    1. Nylon,
      We're getting a fair amount of exercise already. Theirs the ever popular bend over and pick up the toy off the floor. Current set is 200 per day. The Lift Her over the head and gently jiggle. Minimum of 100/day. The 10 yard dash to recover something needed from the bedroom. Countless. My step count goal is 10G per day. Haven't had to do anything special to make that.

      As for Morons. Yep, everywhere you look but especially in DC.

  2. My sister had a very small maxillary sinus opening on one, or both sides of her face. Her doc suggested that that might have been part of her sinus problem, that it wouldn't drain once the discharge got a bit thicker than normal. There is an operation that can be done to open that passage up. I'm unclear if it is actually the bone that is too small, or just the tissue that covers it gets too thick. She had that done, but found that the water flush made more of a difference (reference your "under pressure" post, last comment). I don't remember if I have the same condition, but do know that one of my ears has a bore that is 1/2 the diameter of the other ear, which is a bit suggestive.

    I'm thinking that I would be more inclined to do a flush, than get involved in a procedure that requires a sedative to accomplish. Of course, one would be attempted in a doctors office, so there is that.

    Bear in mind that, these days, doctors make their money by billing the insurance for drugs or procedures. Doing a good job, or not causing problems, doesn't seem to be a high priority for them anymore. YMMV

    1. Will,
      The ENT offered that option but said the flush is easier to recover from and very reliable. The surgery requires a complete sedation and a hospital stay. Trying the flush did not rull out the surgery if still needed. So...I chose option A.
      Pretty well aware of the billing thing. Getting older (different than getting old) isn't for the faint of heart.

  3. Juvat, hope the surgery goes swimmingly. I managed to acquire a sinus infection for the first time in 2.5 years and I forgot how long it takes me to clear one anymore (three weeks later and I am still working on it).

    From everything I understand, the grandparent gig is one of the best gigs in town when you get to it.

    I wonder if people just make the assumption that because they are on vacation in in "Nature", everything should operate by fire?

    The plastic mat one bothers me. People just assume this is taken care of by, say, the oven elves?

    The National Museum of the Pacific War is well worth the time of anyone who is in the area.

    1. THBB,
      We've got a big Large Font sign on the table so it's the first thing they see, talking about the burn ban and what it means. However....
      We spent a VERY long time cleaning that oven. I already knew about my vocabulary, but the incident taught me a lot about Mrs. J's that I didn't know she knew.
      Re: the Nimitz. Yep, theyre adding some new exhibits and when the dust settles (soon, supposedly), I'll make another visit or three.

  4. Good luck on the brain drain plumbing. Ugh. I'm dreading that talk when it comes time for me. Great update, and that info about Admirable Nimitz is really cool. I found out he lost a finger on a ship inspection. Wedding ring found an open gear. Yikes!

    As to people.... I used to think anyone would know that a that your own cabeza is NOT for rectal use. But this is the Age of Creative Thinking..... Or maybe it's that medical condition..... AVC - Anus Velatum Calvaria..... I hear when they finally resolve that condition there is a satisfying loud POP! And the sphincter is replaced with a handy drawstring.

    1. STxAR,
      Didn't know that about the Admiral. Physics and Machinery don't recognize rank? Say it isn't so.

      Liked that last paragraph...A lot!

  5. I'm still wrapping my thoughts around the whole balloon up the sinus thing.
    Is it a tiny balloon, a medium balloon, or a balloon that the Montgolfier brothers would be proud of?
    Does the balloon inflation connection have a recently tested safety valve?
    Could you arrange for the balloon inflation gas to be helium, because any leakage will at least bring funny voices to the mix?

    The Nimitz connection is neat, and I took a look at the museum's website.

    Yep, some folks are crazy, or stupid or both at the same time.
    I like meeting interesting characters, but I don't like crazy.

    That's a lot of sticky. Amazon has a number of dog washing tubs that might be worth looking into.
    This one folds for storage, and has a child, I mean, a small mammal retention device.

    Take care.

    1. John,
      Are you asking physical size or apparent size? I'm sure there will be a difference. I've been told the balloon is very small. I think the apparent size will be much greater.

      The Nimitz museum's site is pretty good, but doesn't do the real thing justice.

      The vast majority of our Guests have been great, so much so that the less great ones stick out more. The guy with the Tea Kettle made a mistake, handled it correctly and told us about it. We replaced the burner on the stove and the tea kettle, maybe $30 bucks taken as a loss in taxes (stick it to the Gov whenever you can). Didn't charge him. Couldn't charge for the other incident's damages as the account closes on checkout.


  6. Juvat, good luck with the balloon deal. As I mentioned in an earlier post comment, my spouse had the procedure done (at least it sounds like the same or very similar procedure) done and came through in good shape.
    As far as the weather event this weekend, we fared somewhat better....0.02" in the rain gauge. Didn't settle the dust but beats a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. At least it confirmed rain is still possible.

    1. Cletus,
      Good to hear, The Doc did a pretty good job explaining the procedure and possible complications. Plus I've heard good things about him as I asked around town. So...I'm optimistic and glad to hear your wife is doing well.
      Yeah, it was bearing down on us in a beeline from Harper directly at us. So much so, I told MBD to park her Tahoe in the carport at the old house to keep it out of the hail. But about 15 miles away it split in two and passed us by. Pretty good chances of rain through Wednesday though so keeping the fingers crossed.

  7. Man, MG is growing like a weed and she is as cute as can be. Grandparent is an awesome role to have.

    Good luck with that sinus thing, sounds a big heaping helping of "no fun."

    Did the ear appointment this morning, had some more gunk cleared out, had a hearing test (first one in a very long time) and it seems I've lost some hearing in the higher frequencies. No more dog whistles for me.

    1. Sarge,
      Thanks, I agree with all.

      Hearing loss in the higher frequencies? Really? Ever work around jet engines?

  8. On the completion of my retirement physical the audiologist showed me the printout and told me the first range a male loses is the pitch of a woman's voice. She said her husband claims it is a genetic survival trait. Old Guns

    1. OG,
      That's a good one!!

      And probably true!

  9. I need to get back down that way for research purposes... And yes, people be crazy!!!

    1. Old NFO, C'mon down. Email me a time frame and I'll check on guest house availability. Looking forward to exchanging war stories face to face.

  10. My gosh, it's almost as if you need them to read and sign off on a guesthouse SOP upon check-in. One with overbearing reminders about not burning the place up down.

    1. Tuna, yeah, but I think that would become a checklist of "I never thought ot that, but sure would like to try" things to do for some folks.


  11. Good luck with the procedure and it is good to see you enjoying y'all's time with the grand-daughter.

    My grandson is on leave and came over for supper last night. A fine young man...I remember seeing him years ago just after he was born and now he's an NCO pulling maintenance on F-15s at Seymour-Johnson. Made me feel useful he was asking me advice as he is now in charge of junior Airmen and he worries because some are older than him and some of his friends are now junior in rank. Ah, the joys of military service! He had some good stories about the pilots that OldAFSarge would identify with. Polarized sunglasses are still a thing.

    Makes me proud to see how he's grown from an infant to a fine young man...may you look forward to and enjoy the years with your grandchild.


    1. Barry,
      Wish him good luck for me on the Eagle. My advice to him would be to do the right thing and damn the feelings.
      Polarized sunglasses will be a thing for quite a while. Good vision improves the ability to see first, which goes a long way to keeping your wife from becoming a widow.
      That having been said, Some folks wear them as a statement. Others just wear them. Wearing them in the bar is an identifier of the former.
      Yeah, I'm very proud of my two kids and their spouses, and am looking forward to my second Granddaughter's arrival in October.

  12. Toured the Nimitz Museum in 2019. Most impressive. Smarter Half and I would have re-located to Fredericksburg, TX area but wanted to say within a day's drive of Dad. Once you've had the balloon treatment add a neti pot rinse to your daily routine. Use distilled water only.

  13. Hope the balloon thingy goes OK. That wasn't an option about 25 years ago when I had a nasal septal repair and turbinate reduction under general anesthesia. The thing I remember most about the whole deal was taking out the packing and splints after about a week. Kind of like pulling off a fingernail...
    Two thumbs up on the Nimitz museum, was there a few years ago when my son was in San Antonio.
    And I have the selective marital healing loss OG refers to - doesn't help that my wife uses the same volume as she walks away from me or when she's in another room as she does when she's directly in front of me. And she mumbles. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!


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