Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Just a Couple More Things I Just Gotta Share...

Blog-bud Suldog (from whom I "liberated" the graphic above), other bloggers and Yours Truly are campaigning to remind everyone that Thanksgiving Comes First. Now we have a new monster rearing it's ugly head. Seems there are those in the Bay State and other locales that want you to come out and shop on Thanksgiving Day. Seriously?

Stay home on Thanksgiving folks. Be with your family and friends. It's a special holiday, not a day to go out and shop. Lord knows we have plenty of those. Trust me. Shopping on Thanksgiving Day is NOT going to mend the economy.

One more thing, I was over at blog-bud Buck's Place and noticed something cool. Well, to be honest there are a number of things that I find cool over at EIP. But this stood out.

Seems Buck has some kinda newfangled advertising thang going on at the old blog. Now ever since I've been visiting at EIP (not that long, I'm kinda late to the blogoverse) Buck has had a picture of him and his two sons, all in uniform. Yes, they are that kind of family. (When you get a chance, thank the Pennington Boys and others like them for your freedom. I do.)

Any hoo, I kinda scrolled over that photo and the following magic appeared - 

No way will you find a better deal on the product depicted. No Sir/Ma'am, a better deal for your tax dollars you'll NEVER find.

Very few in this country are interested in protecting the freedoms others have paid for in blood. Nice to see that some families still have what it takes.

So a shout out and a big hand salute to the Pennington Boys. Thank you for my freedom gentlemen!


  1. Thanks for "stealing" the graphic, my friend (and, if anyone else is interested, they also have my blessing.) As for Buck and his boys, spot on. None better.

  2. Did that DropDownDeals thing REALLY happen? I really appreciate your kind words, Sarge... but the fact that EIP has been hacked or otherwise messed with worries me. I don't get that when I mouse over the photo, only the UCR hand icon that indicates I should click on the pic if'n I wanna. I wonder if I should contact Blogger about this.

    As for the Family Bid'niz... you've done pretty danged well in this space, too! ;-)

    1. Yeah that DropDownDeals thing really did happen. I'm assuming you didn't make that happen? FWIW I was over at EIP just now and didn't see that behavior. Hhhmm. Now last night when it happened I was on my computer at home. Right now I'm on my computer at work. Not sure if that helps. Hope EIP didn't get hacked/messed with. That would suck.

  3. I'm far from a computer-savvy guy, but I'm thinking it may be your computer at home, Sarge. Easy enough to test... maybe. If you do the same thing to other photos on other blogs, does it happen there? If so, then I'd guess you somehow picked up this "service" when you signed up for something elsewhere or clicked onto something without maybe reading the fine print? Probably ultimately harmless, though.

    Just me talking out my rear. Somebody with real smarts can feel free to call me a dope.

    1. I too had that initial thought, as in "What the hell is my computer got into now?" But I tried it on other blogs (including my own) and did not get that behavior. Again, I didn't see it on EIP this morning. As Seals & Crofts might say, "Passing Thing"...?


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