Saturday, December 29, 2012

Drifting and Dreaming

Whitetails in the Mist
I have been quite "out of it" lately. I suppose being away from work for an entire fortnight will do that to you. I am currently in the middle of said fortnight and  quite frankly I have intentionally divorced myself from the "real world" over the past week. I don't really want to know what's going on "out there". "Out there" is the place inhabited by idiots, lunatics and those who want to inflict their beliefs on others. And stick their hand in our pockets to pay for imposing their beliefs on others. I'm staying out of it for the moment. Screw them.

Really, when you think about it what does one's world consist of? The people you interact with every day. People at the coffee shop, co-workers, friends, family. That is one's world. And for me, it's a very pleasant world, very few ee-jits live in my world. Oh, there are some goof-balls and pains in the butt, perhaps for comic relief but very few you-know-what-holes. I prefer it that way.

In my world we don't discuss politics or sex, though we do discuss religion. So it's kind of like a Navy wardroom where one is allowed to discuss religion. Primarily because in my world, everyone believes in something. Most of us believe in God. Maybe I live in a foxhole, for their are no atheists in my world. At least none who will fess up to being an atheist.

So for me these few days at the end of one year and the start of the next are rather unreal and rather floating. I'm staying out of "reality" and in the cocoon of my home. Just me, the Missus and our two feline daughters. Yup, I call them my daughters, though they be of a different species. It's a cat-person thing I suppose.

Now my brother, the Old Vermonter, grew up, like me, as a cat-person. Later he became a dog-person. He has had some marvelous dogs in his time. I have no problem with dogs, some of my best friends have been and are dogs. If you get my drift. I happily co-exist with my fellow (non-human) mammals. I will have some dog stories at a future time. About my maternal grandmother's dogs, Tippy and Bimmy, two of the best beings I have ever known. But that is for another time.

For now I'm staying in my own Dreamtime, not the Dreamtime of the Australian Aboriginal creation, but the Chez Sarge Dreamtime of being closed off from the "real world" of politicians, tax collectors and big business. There will be plenty of time for that crap in the new year to come. For now I will enjoy my cocoon. Besides which, it's snowing right now and it's awfully pretty out there.

And last night I had a dream wherein I was driving to Virginia for to see my children. Of course, none of them live there now but we've had many a wonderful trip there in the past. And in the Dreamtime the old days may live again, those who have gone on before live again. There are days I want to stay in the Dreamtime forever, but not right now. For now I'm content with visiting. Back to the "real world" soon enough.

For now I'll watch it snow.


  1. Is that Maison Sarge in the second picture? If so... I can see exactly why you'd wanna be sequestered for the duration.

    1. Non, ce n'est pas la Maison Sarge. Just a real pretty photo I found laying about the inter-web. My camera isn't all that great in low light conditions so I couldn't get a good shot to illustrate the atmospheric conditions prevailing at Chez Sarge. (Maybe it's not camera but the photographer who ain't so good.) But this photo did nicely capture what it looked like Saturday night. In a far more artistic way than I could capture. I'll betcha Instapinch would've been up to it.


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