Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Head. Going. To. Explode.

Yup, been over to Quick Meme again. Can't help myself. There are days I want to post about certain things and I quickly get to the point of imagining my neighbors being interviewed on TV:

"He was such a quiet guy, always kept to himself. But he seemed nice..."
Um, yeah. I'll fantasize about "going postal" but am far too civilized to ever actually do so. Though she might disagree from time to time, I actually was paying attention when my Mom was teaching us common sense, good manners and the sorts of behaviors guaranteed NOT to upset the neighbors. (Usually immediately after we HAD upset the neighbors.)

Today at work was one of those "If I get one more unreasonable, no-value-added request from those idiotic so-and-so's in the such-and-such department I am going to turn in my badge, head for the door and bid this place farewell!" Let them fix this problem, let them explain to the customer at some future point in time why this stuff "ain't done yet".

No, it came close to that, but cooler heads prevailed. I was actually able to provide a rational explanation as to why I would not be performing an action which (a) made no sense, (b) added no value to the product, (c) would delay the execution of the real work I needed to get done and (d) all of the above. Damn-it! Um, yeah. I'll get "feisty" at work from time to time and it usually manages to amaze one or two people who just aren't paying attention.

I may seem jovial and happy-go-lucky all of the time, but there are days when that's just a thin veneer covering the raging animal buried in all of us. Imagine Santa suddenly pulling out a battleaxe and laying about himself like a frenzied Viking berserker. Yeah, it's like that. When the old dog's tail ain't wagging, stay off the damn porch!

I prefer to be the cute, cuddly little bunny.

But I can be the wolf. If that's what you want. If you push too hard.

The wolf almost got loose today.

I feel better now. Much better.


  1. I created a firestorm at the home office once upon a time when I had had waaaay too many 16 hour days trying to force square pegs into round holes on the customer's site. So I called my manager and simply said "I quit." I'll make a long story short: it was a case of being under-resourced and that was fixed within 24 hours... more troops parachuted in most ricky-tick.

    Sometimes ya gotta let the wolf out -- there's no other way.

    1. As always Sensei, I had a feeling that you had probably "been there, done that".

      Been a long time since I've seen the phrase "most ricky-tick", a favorite AND a classic!

  2. Put down your pen and step away from the keyboard.

  3. A number of years back, while working in a corporate environment I was forced to attend a series of weekly meeting where a high-paid consultant told us things like how we (middle managers) had the need to make sure that the poor sap hired yesterday got his suggestions to the Pres' desk within 48 hours. Meanwhile my work marched on with no hope of finishing it without lots of unpaid overtime. During one of those 10 min breaks where we eat the stale Danish and drink warm juice I went off on the consultant, told him this was a waste of time, that nothing would really change after he left, etc etc...upshot was I get called into VP's office to explain my bad attitude, what was 'really' bothering me? we need you on the team blah blah blah. I bent over with a smile & took my ...spanking ( is this a G-rated blog?)...Lesson for Greg, suck it up and keep mouth shut grasshopper...as my wife wisely said after we had been in business for ourselves a couple of years..."We make better bosses than employees"....that was 10 years ago...I dont have much money but I am much happier and easier to live with - last comment comes from my wife!

    1. Hhmm, the comment from your wife, where have I heard THAT before?

      Ah yes, consultants. We hates them we does. Nasty, stinking consultants. *gollum gollum*

  4. After twelve years with the last company, I gave my notice on the Monday after Thanksgiving.
    My "one day a year that I need time off" was preempted because another employee had an emergency.
    The emergency was a shopping trip with her sisters.

    Where I got even was, every time my supervisor said I was retiring, I corrected him and said, "No. I quit."
    The company had a small retirement dinner for me.
    I got up after the toast and told them the dinner wouldn't be happening if I hadn't been screwed with.

    It took a couple of months for the repercussions to end.

    1. I love it when it really hurts them. But do they learn to treat the ones who remain better?

      No. Of course not, that sort never learns.


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