Monday, March 25, 2013

I Am Such A Guy...

So. The weekend was, shall we say, interesting. Now that I've had a chance to get over the Monday "blahs" I can tell you about it.

It involved speakers. Seems that the Missus Herself has a bit of a project she's been conspiring with her friends on. It involves (shudder) a karaoke machine. And Chez Sarge. As a matter of fact, the family domicile plays a large part in this conspiracy project.

A while back, I arrived at the Manse to find a large, rather weighty cardboard box in the kitchen. Innocently, I asked the Love Of My Life, "What's this?" She answered me, "It's a karaoke machine. My sister sent it to me."


Now my youngest sister-in-law is a bit of an entrepreneur. She once owned a karaoke bar on Okinawa. I don't think the machine came from there though. I'm not really sure of the provenance of this particular karaoke machine other than to say it was manufactured in Korea. Well, all the controls are in Korean. Could have been (and probably was) manufactured in China. But that's beside the point. All I know is that it's an older model karaoke machine and it was at my sister-in-law's before it was where it is now.

At any rate, this karaoke machine has been collecting dust on our TV stand for a month or so now. Though when we first got it we had hooked it up and checked that it actually worked, it hasn't been touched since. I had rather forgotten we had a karaoke machine until my wife started talking about speakers on Friday evening.

"I was at the Navy Exchange today and saw some nice speakers." was how the Missus Herself started the conversation. Now, given my cat-like nature, all I'm thinking about is "What's for supper? When is supper? Is supper right now?" So I had to do some mental re-alignment there when the subject of speakers at the Navy Exchange came up.

"Uh, why do we need speakers?" was my innocent and impossibly stupid question. After all, we had been talking about the karaoke machine the last time speakers were mentioned at Chez Sarge. Hadn't I been paying attention?

No, apparently not. At any rate, the Boss had planted the speaker bug in my brain and I'm guessing I was supposed to "deal with it". Unfortunately, being a male of the species, subtle nuance and gentle hinting are lost upon me. First hit me with a 2 by 4, then talk to me. Ya know, get my attention first.

Saturday morning dawns. The Missus Herself is up and about "getting ready". I presume her best friend (also Korean) has decided that they are going to "do something" this day. In olden times I used to ask what the "something" was and be told that it was a "Korean-thing" and I should just stay out of it. So I know better now. Also, the wife's best friend is older than her. So in Korean terms, she "out-ranks" my wife. Definitely a Korean thing. What the elders want to do is just agreed to. Everyone smiles. Everyone's happy. Move along, nothing to see here.

So there I am, all of a Saturday afternoon, sans wife, sans souci. A condition which is nice, unless there's grass to be cut. That's not too far down the road mind you. Then, when left to my own devices, "that grass had better be cut before I get home or I'll know the reason why!" Not the case, the grass is still dormant.

So I decide to go to Best Buy, a purveyor of things electronic, movies, music, software and speakers. It's the speakers which took me to Best Buy. Speakers for the wife.

What did I buy?

Speakers for my computer. They're very nice. But, naturally, I "had some 'splainin' to do".

"You bought speakers for your computer? What about the karaoke machine?" I was asked.

In a display of mental agility (for which I am not noted) I answered with, "Well, I saw so many, I thought you should come with me. Just to make sure you get what you want."

And she bought it.

I'm still amazed.

Sunday, after church, we went together to Best Buy. Wound up buying some very nice Bose speakers for the television karaoke machine. To the tune of $540+ Yankee dollars. I did manage to slip in Seasons One and Two of Game of Thrones on Blue Ray as part of the deal. (Hhhmm, perhaps I should run for Congress. That sounds like attaching pork to a spending bill. No wait, that's exactly what it was! Perhaps I should NOT run for Congress.)

Now we have a major crisis on hand at Chez Sarge. Where do we put the sub-woofer? It's a big box which looks "ugly" sitting next to the TV stand. OMG we have totally screwed up the decor. Erg. I will simply do as I'm told, like a good husband. I foresee furniture re-arranging in the immediate future.

Oh and I've been told to clean my room. Management is not happy with the scenery in the background of my inaugural video post. Sincerely not happy.

I know, I know. What was I thinking?


  1. That's a LOT o' speakers for just one karaoke machine. I'm thinkin' that must be the Industrial-Strength model, and I've seen a few o' those during my excursions to the other side o' the Pacific Pond.

    So. Have you been informed as to the ultimate purpose o' said machine? Will you need to get a liquor license, too?

    1. The photo was included for it's comedic effect. The actual speakers purchased were simple and nicely packaged.

      I don't think I'll need a liquor license, the Friends O' the Missus will no doubt "bring their own".

      Normally when the Korean ladies gather, I am persona non grata. And I prefer it that way.

  2. O/T Game of Thrones I've opted not to watch it, as I've already ready the four available volumes and don't wish to screw up the image in my head.
    Had I known it was intended to continue beyond volume IV, I might have skipped reading it.
    That said, it was easier reading than Atlas Shrugged.

    1. I'm trying to guess how you got a peek at the post I'm working on for later this week, maybe tomorrow? You're scaring me Skip...

      Did you know that the five book, "A Dance with Dragons" came out last year? It's better than the fourth book I think.

      As to images in my head, the mini-series meshed nicely with how I'd kind of pictured the characters already, oddly enough. That usually doesn't happen. But the series tracks fairly well with the books, though of course there is a great deal of detail left out.

      "Atlas Shrugged" - don't know why I've never read that. Now I see no reason to do so. I got all my headaches from reading Air Force Tech Manuals in my youth and reading Navy requirements documents now. I'll leave the heavy reading on one's own time to others.


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