Sunday, March 3, 2013

I Have A Confession To Make

I was going to blow off the blog today.

Yup, thought seriously of not even turning on the computer when I got home from work.

Uh, Sarge, today's Sunday, what do you mean "got home from work"?

Yeah, things are a wee bit crazy at work, approaching deadlines, software needs writing, hardware is not functioning the way we thought and the customer faces the dreaded "Sequestration". (Of course we face it too, but only if they do, I guess. I try not to follow the goings on in Washington. Not much I can do about it at the moment.)

So yeah, I worked a few hours yesterday (Saturday, that's right) and a few hours today. Not sure if the company minds me violating a commandment or not. I'm guessing not. So that's another confession really. Giving me two things I need to confess:

1) I was going to blow off the blog today and

2) I worked on the Sabbath day.

But I did go to church in the morning. So I did remember the Sabbath Day and kept it somewhat Holy. But I did work today.

Good thing I'm not Catholic.

So on that note...

And that's all I got...


  1. There have been days I've thought about blowing the blog off, and there have been days I've actually done so.

    There have also been days I worked the entire freakin' weekend, too. But not lately. ;-)

    1. I've noticed that you "long time" bloggers will do reruns from time-to-time. Not exactly blowing things off, but does remove the need to write something new. Someday I hope to have enough material and to have been blogging long enough to get away with reruns. Until then? We'll see.

      Today's post identifies a contributing factor in the desire to "blow off the blog" in recent times.


  2. I blog less and less. Does that mean my life is getting duller and duller? Probably. Do you want to hear about my grandbabies?

    1. I personally would love to hear about your grandbabies!


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