Saturday, March 16, 2013

I Almost Forgot!

There were big doings this past week which I absolutely neglected to mention. (My excuse is that I'm not Catholic. I know, it's a lame excuse. For any Christian this was kinda big news.)

That smoke is issuing from the Sistine Chapel, at the Vatican of course. That was Monday.

On Wednesday, this occurred...

...issuing from the same place as the previous photo. What that means of course is...

...the Catholic Church has a new pope, Pope Francis, from Argentina.

Much has been made of his being from the "New World" and (in particular) being from South America. He's the first Pope to not come from Europe, that's a big deal I gather.

At any rate, I didn't want this event to go unremarked in these spaces. Big Time, the WSO and Little Bit are Catholic and to them this is an important event. I respect the Catholic Church a great deal, just because I'm a Baptist doesn't mean that I can't respect the Holy Mother Church.

Perhaps it's because I visited the Vatican almost a year ago. An impressive place. An impressive Church. So, that being said...

Congratulations Pope Francis!

May the Good Lord watch over you and guide you.

1.2 billion Catholics await the future.


  1. An interesting choice, no doubt.

    1. I hear he doesn't really "approve of" the current president of Argentina. While something of a hottie, she's also (from my understanding) something of a left-leaning loon. Time will tell.

  2. That he is a Jesuit is also a first for the Church.
    He has also shown a bit of humility.
    I am impressed.
    For a recovering Catholic that's something.

    1. You're right! How could I forget that? The WSO even mentioned it to me. She was educated by the Jesuits. She graduated from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass.

    2. Heh. Mebbe I should ping TSMP to see what she thinks, what with her bein' educated at that somewhat famous Catholic U in South Bend. OTOH... she's a non-practicing Catholic, so she prolly doesn't have an opinion.

    3. Us non-practisers probably have more opinions than those who toe the mark.

  3. He's definitely shaking things up- wearing his regular shoes, skipping the cape at the introduction, really shedding off most of the trappings of the office. It follows suit though- he lived very humbly as the Cardinal of Buenos Aires.

  4. I was raised Catholic, and did duty as a lector for a few years before becoming so disenchanted with the Catholic hierarchy that I left that church and set up shop as what I now consider myself, a free-range Christian. This fellow seems a breath of fresh air, and I'm very happy for that. The great majority of priests and other clerics have been getting a bad rap for some time now, due to the misdeeds of a hideous few, and I hope this Pope restores some of the luster to Christianity in general.

    1. One of our congregation asked for prayers for the Pope this morning in church. Mind you, we're a Baptist Church!

      As our Pastor said, our doctrines differ but we're all Christians.

      I have great hope for this Pope.


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