Saturday, July 26, 2014

Nothing is without meaning...

Gnarled tree in Colt State Park
Last night I watched a movie, The Wolverine.

While the movie was alright and provided two hours of rather mindless entertainment, it was set in Japan. Which enhanced my enjoyment. I have a great deal of interest in Asia, particularly Korea and Japan. I served in both countries, enjoyed both.

In the movie, after sitting down to eat, the character Mariko corrects Logan (the Wolverine) after he has jabbed his chopsticks upright in his rice bowl. Even I, gaijin (外人though I am, know that this is a bad thing. In Japan and in Korea. In the movie Mariko tells him that the upright chopsticks look like "incense at a funeral."

Then she states, "Nothing is without meaning..."

That statement kind of blew my mind. I only half paid attention to the rest of the movie. 

Think about it, one can interpret this to literally mean that the concept of nothing has no meaning. It is nothing, it is the void, it is the absence of things. Therefore it is meaningless.

On the other hand, it can mean that any act or gesture, no matter how seemingly insignificant has some meaning which one may not be aware of.

Try to hold both concepts in the mind at the same time.

What is the sound of one hand clapping?

Cormorants enjoying the day

So with that stuck in my head, I went to bed. Woke up in a pensive mood and decided to go out to the park.

We have a very nice park in my town, surrounded by water and very well maintained. I took a few pictures there and at the yacht club. I particularly like that shot of the cormorants sitting on the swimming float.

Though it's an overcast day it's still lovely in my mind. I mean it can't be sunny everyday can it? A little contrast keeps things in perspective.

Sunny all the time is boring.

Though sunny most of the time does have much to recommend it.

Old Glory at the Yacht Club

Pedestrian/bicycle bridge in Colt State Park

Some days, you make your own sunshine.

Enjoy your weekend.

Our first sunflower of the season
My nothing always has meaning.


  1. Sunny all the time is called "Drought". I'm tired of that. But Sarge, I gotta say, your "nothing" is still pretty darn good.

    1. Yeah, drought is bad. California is also hard hit according to my friends and family out that way.

      Thanks Juvat.

  2. I wish I could remember the title of this book - it was in a review I read some years ago - but the premise was that any act of kindness you do to others - no matter how seemingly insignificant, can have profound life-changing effects. The passing compliment to gace to a stranger - who might have been thinking of suicide that day.

    You never know.

    1. The reverse is also true Bill.

      It's why I like to leave people smiling, if not laughing outright.

  3. The sky here, this morning, looks pretty much like that in your pictures.
    Unfortunately, there is no relief in sight for the drought.

    I read a quote this morning ...from whom, I don't know:
    ""The great art of living is to make the best of things as they are."

    1. And that is not easy, but blissful if it can be obtained.

  4. What is the sound of one hand clapping?

    We Buddhists know. It's one of our secrets.

  5. I finally went back again after many years. We moved to Newport for a year while my Army dad attended the War College and then stayed for another year because he was invited to stay on for a year as faculty and teach. God I loved Rhode Island. We came from Fort Riley, Kansas and departed for Huntsville, Alabama. I kept going back in the Navy for Division officer and later Department Head school but missed my own graduation from the War College because I was suddenly called away out of the country. I went back for a moment back just when Kerry accepted the nomination of his party but it was pouring rain and I had a plane to catch in Providence so I only stayed an hour or two.
    Not everyday needs to be sunny and warm but San Diego was a wonderful place to call home base for almost 30 years.

    1. My two trips to San Diego helped me to see why people like it there.


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