Friday, July 11, 2014

What? No Flyby?

Lt Col Dan Hampton, USAF (Retired)
Photo courtesy of the Daily Mail
御免 なさい (gomen nasai - sorry) there is no Flyby this week. As mentioned in yesterday's post, the Flyby may be decommissioned, shelved, laid up in ordinary. At least for the immediate future. Legal stuff. Blech.


Recently I had the opportunity to receive a copy of Dan Hampton's latest book Lords of the Sky. I just started reading it yesterday.

I am enthralled.

If Lt Col Hampton flew his F-16 anything like he writes, I would not want him on my six. Although I am not that far into the book his grasp of his subject matter is pretty impressive.

Not only are the mechanics of flight discussed in such a way as a complete neophyte will get it but his descriptions of air combat are gripping. He also delves into the background of the conflicts involving fighter aircraft.

Appropriately enough, I'm in the World War One section (like I said, I just started yesterday) and this is one of those books which is very hard to put down. (I really had to force myself to do so in order to write this post!)

The cover art is superb!
Hhmm, how did that beer get there?

Just wanted to give you all heads up on this book. I shall report again later on (when I've finished it) but right now...

Well, I have a book to read.

Oh, before I forget, Lt Col Hampton has a website, go, visit.

I note that he has other books out, which I simply must have.

This is the Sarge, over and out.

There are a number of purists in the audience!


  1. So Ashley came through, eh?

  2. Thanks for the Heads Up. Read "Viper Pilot" a couple of weeks ago. Found it to be a most excellent book . . . great story telling.

  3. Sarge, Sarge.... SARGE!!!

    It is either, "Over," or it is, "Out," not both.
    Didn't they teach you nothin'?

  4. From the website "USN Top Gun School (TOGS)". Doe anyone know what's up with TOGS? I've never seen that before.

    1. Whoever did the website is not cognizant of certain things, to wit,
      "TOPGUN also conducts an Adversary Training Course, flying with adversary aircrew from each Navy and Marine Corps adversary squadron. These pilots receive individual instruction in threat simulation, effective threat presentation and adversary tactics. TOPGUN provides academics and flight training to each Carrier Air Wing during their Integrated and Advanced Training Phases (ITP/ATP) at NAS Fallon which are large scale exercises that can involve as many as fifty aircraft. These large scale exercises serve as "dress rehearsals" for future combat scenarios. In addition to training crews, TOPGUN also conducts ground school courses six times a year. The Training Officer Ground School (TOGS) offers graduate level academics to Fleet aviators, adversary instructors and other officers and enlisted personnel." From Wikipedia.

      So they got it partially right. (I should have spotted that and explained it in the post. Thanks for pointing that out Michelle.)

  5. In the World War One section, does he by chance mention Old NFO?

  6. I notice he didn't make O-6. Another trigger-puller undoubtedly washed out due to the inability to pump out the required volume of PC paperwork..

    1. What? Warriors in charge?

      But, but...

      Who'd do all the paperwork. /snark

      Concur, Virgil.

    2. Look, the ideal is someone who is able to do both, and I've known a few O-6s and Flags in my time truly who fit that profile, but they're few and far between. SOooo....if I have to chose between the two.. (and most reached O-6 early out of WW II in 50s, early 60s, before PC infected the USAF. Example, my 1st Cousin, Lt Gen Carlos M Talbott, made O-6@age 32 and won the Bendix Air race in 1955 in an F-100C as Group Commander (i.e. Wing Co) of the 332nd Fighter Day Group, Victoria Texas, and was such a "fast burner" that his unit was the VERY FIRST to be equipped with the then brand spanking new F-100s ( an honor NOT bestowed upon lesser Gods) yet because of a few un-PC comments, he was demoted, reassigned as DCO (Deputy CO for Ops to a fighter wing in Japan (the no 3 position) for his troubles. Talk about a humiliation! Yet he persevered, worked his way back up the food-chain and took the 366th TFW to DaNang, got his first star, went to TSN in Saigon as head of TACC, then to be Chief of Staff of the old Taiwan Defense Command. Yet then he was assigned to be DCO, HQ USAF as a 1-star in a 2-star slot. However he was the ONLY PERSON in history NOT to get his second star because the then CinCUSAF was 3-fingered Jack Ryan , an ex SAC CinC and Catholic and Maurice was TAC and Protestandt. (most people don't know about this very real religious split in the armed services in the 50s & 60s.) He finally had to get to ADC to get his 2nd star and then become only the 2nd person in history of Flag rank officers to serve a 2nd combat tour in Vietnam as Cinc 2nd AirDiv, garnering his 3rd star to become Vice-Chief, PACAF. (before forced retirement--another story I won't go into here)

      My point is (and I DO have one) here is a guy that as a WW II P-47 pilot garnered a DSC, multiple air medals, 2 Purple hearts, 3 Silver stars and 5 single msn DFCs, won the Bendix Air Race, was considered so "good" that his unit was the first unit in the USAF to be equipped with F-100s--the first USAF Fighter to exceed the speed of sound in level flight-- yet he was STILL dumped on multiple times. TRUST ME, if I were a betting man (and I am) I would lay heavy odds that there are LOTS more capable people on the OUTSIDE as EX-USAF Officers/enlisted then there are INSIDE--ESPECIALLY today.

    3. You'll get no argument from me on that score.

  7. Yep, good writer, and the books are good.


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