Friday, July 25, 2014

Now Hear This...

Changes have been made along the starboard side. There is a new blog list (which was extracted from the old "Things I Like to Read" list and updated with the addition of The Greenie Board, another Nasal Radiator, er I mean Naval Aviator, with a blog. I have been there and like very much what I see.

I may mess with the rest of the old "Things I Like to Read" list to arrange things a little bit differently.

Things must evolve. I suppose.

Also in the past few weeks I noticed that the membership had dropped from 43 to 42. I guess one of my members no longer liked my content or decided to go sinker. Ce n'est pas un problème. Folks can come and go as they please. After all, this is America. Right?

Then today, I noted that we have a new 43. Let's all give a big welcome to:

And until further notice, Chris shall be known as The FNG.

He also gets his very own name patch -

Wear it with pride.

That is all...


  1. Eh. People drop off mine too every now and again. I just figure that they follow me through their own blogs and eventually they erase the blog and the follow goes away.

    It's either that or accept the fact that I've alienated someone, and we can't have that because that would just break my frickin' heart.

  2. What are you talking about? I see 43 on there.

    1. It was 43, dipped to 42 for a week or three, then went back to 43.

      (I think there may have been a square root and a derivative in there as well. Not sure.)

  3. Then today, I noted that we have a new 43.

    Wait. Did anyone tell Dubya?

    1. Heh. I see what you did there.

      What we need is a new 44. And not here on the blog either. (Though that would be nice too.)

  4. I confess, I finally added myself here, to make it back up to 43 from 42. I never thought about actually joining the site even though I occasionally write on it.

    1. Um, Tuna, you signed up a long time ago.

      I know, I know, we plied you with grog, forced the King's Shilling into your hand and when you woke up the next day we were out of sight of land and you had written your first post. If you checked the membership list carefully, you'll see.

      (And yes, I meant to say "King's Shilling" - for I am King of this blog. But as we're a constitutional monarchy, much like the UK, I have very little power. Though I do stand out on the balcony and wave to the crowds on major holidays.)


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