Monday, March 2, 2020

People are Crazy

I'm a little intimidated this morning.  I mean, was Sarge on a roll last week or what?

Tuesday- a 13 year old midshipman

Wednesday- the naval battle off Guadalcanal

Thursday- a destroyer off Okinawa *

Friday- the Polish Navy

Saturday- a Dust Bowl

Sunday- The Night

If he'd just buckle down and write a book, he'd be rich and famous, just like OldNFO.

So...It's Monday and my turn again...Ummmm...Tuna,  Beans,  LUSH, any of you wanna take the lead?


So...Once more into the breach, dear friends.

How about a little update on nueva casa de juvat?

Well,  we seem to be making progress.  In the middle of last week, we visited with the Bank's loan officer, then traveled to the builder's home office.  Again, seems Banker English and Builder English are not the same.  Now, the word in question is "Road".  As one may recall, we had a contractor build us a vehicular "thoroughfare, route, or way on land between two places that has been paved or otherwise improved to allow travel by foot or some form of conveyance, including a motor vehicle, cart, bicycle, or horse." [source]

Said thoroughfare is entirely on our land and is about 2000' long.  The bank is calling it a "Private Road".  Because we're using the land as collateral, we have to take out a "maintenance contract" for it.  AKA "more money".  Or, they say, it can be called a Public Road, which means I have to take out a "maintenance contract" for it because it's now a County Road,  AKA "More Money", and now has to be maintained according to County Specifications,  AKA "Way more Money".  I counter with "this thoroughfare begins on a County Road and ends in what will be my garage, I think that's called a....Driveway"

Oh!  Yeah.  That'll work.

So...About 15 minutes later, I've now got a 2000' driveway, and a letter from the bank to the builder that says they'll guarantee the loan.   Mrs J and I drive to the builder's office with the letter and a 5 figure check.  Friday I get a call from a number I don't recognize, but answer anyway (that is not always my reaction to unknown numbers).

Me: "Hello?"

The other guy: "juvat?"


The other guy: "Hi, I'm Dan, your construction foreman.  We'd like to drop off some forms tomorrow.  Will that be ok?"

Me:"UHH.....what additional forms do we need?"

Dan:"I don't understand."

Me:"I was told there would be no more forms to sign."

Dan (laughing): "These are the forms we'll be using to lay out the foundation for your house, prior to pouring concrete."

Me:"Oh...Well, then...In that case...OK"

Dan:"I'll be there Monday to look over the location and meet you.  We should be starting construction....Shortly"

Finally!  You can see a portion of the "Driveway" just beyond the fence.
We'll see if the builder's definition of "Shortly" is the same as mine.

Anybody want to take any bets?

 Someone should have taken that bet.

About 0830, I walk out to feed the horses and what to my wondering eyes did appear?  Why 3 men and a tiny skidsteer.  By the time I fed the horses, they had unloaded and were clearing the brush from the site.  Whoda thunk?

 Back to original post.

Under the "People are Crazy" category....

Just finished a project.  A few weeks ago, we had some folks stay at our guest house, brought along their dog.  Not a problem, we advertise that we're pet friendly, just pick up after them is all we ask.  We even provide a dinner bowl and a water bowl along with a form fitted rubber mat to protect the wooden floors.  They left on Sunday morning as expected.  We come back from conversing with the Big Guy and go in to strip the beds to get ready to reset it for the next guests.  Mrs J takes the master bedroom (it's got a King) and I take the front bedroom (just a Queen).  I notice that the side tables are badly torn up.  Seems their dog didn't like the decor and wanted to leave his mark.

Now, mind you these are not solid mahogany tables or anything, just hardwood veneer on MDF.  But the scratches are deeper than the veneer.  So...I say to Mrs J.  I can fix that, make it bigger, better, faster.

Who knew she was from Missouri?

I happened to be walking through Lowes later that afternoon. (Happened....yeah right...If I go more than a couple of days without a visit, the store manager calls me and inquires about my health.)

Anyhow...Spotted a very nice cedar board, calling my name.

A bit of slicing and dicing later....

 I thought it turned out pretty well.

I think the Electrical plugs and USB charging ports will come in pretty handy.

Yes, Beans, after I took the picture and before I left, I straightened the rug on the floor.

Oh, and the doggie bowls?  MIA!

People are crazy! $19 on Amazon.  We bought a new set, I printed out the Amazon ad for it, which is displayed on the wall directly above them for the dog to read while eating.

Or something

Finally, what's the weather like in Texas nowadays, juvat?

Well yesterday started out like this.

Mrs J's vehicle. 
And by mid-afternoon was like this.

I don't know why, but for some reason, I seem to see a lot of Trucks with Minnesota licenses on them this time of year. 
As the song says "God is great, Beer is good, People are crazy!"

Think I'll go grab a beer!

*Saturday evening I finished P.T. Deutermann's novel "Sentinels of Fire", a fictional account of a Destroyer on the picket line during the Battle of Okinawa.  He did an excellent job of bringing the reality of that battle (e.g. the reality exhibited in the before and after pictures of the Hazelwood) to light.  Deutermann, in the 3 novels I've read so far, tells his story using first person point of view, which is intriguing.  I find it much more personal, as if the lead character is actually talking to you.  Highly recommended book.


  1. Boy, some people and their pets.....actually just some people.....surprised they left the bedding behind. Nicely done on the table, it hit 50 yesterday..... that qualifies for a heat wave here this time of year. Read a couple of Mr. Deutermann's books and enjoyed them, will have to peruse the library to see what else they have of his, thanks for the reminder juvat!

    1. He hasn't disappointed me yet. The other two I've read are "The Nugget", a brand new SBD Pilot get's shot down, Reaches an island in the PI and hooks up with Filipino guerrillas. Most Excellent. Also, "Ghosts of Bungo Suido". Captain of a Sub gets washed overboard and is captured by the Japanese. Excellent book, not for light reading though.

      50? I'll bet there were people in t-shirts and shorts out.

  2. As to last week, even a blind pig finds a truffle now and then...

    I'm guessing with the construction of the all new and improved casa juvat (Now with Driveways) you may have lots of blogging material. But perhaps little time to tell the tales?

    We shall see, a summer to look forward to. For those not directly involved, I'm sure.

    Nice post!

    1. Maybe so, but you found the whole truffle field last week. Keep up the good work.

      Speaking of blind pigs. Check the update section above. :-)


    2. Wow! A reliable guy, they are somewhat rare and worth their weight in gold. Good update.

    3. Yeah, I'm impressed, hope this is a good omen.

      On another note. The Missing man formation on the masthead. Is it just me or does it look that the Flight Lead is doing the pitch up. It's usually #3. The apparent wingspan of the pitchup is ever so slightly larger than the other three which would mean it's slightly closer to the camera than the others. Not a complaint, just an unusual situation if so.

    4. I believe that is the missing man formation from General Olds funeral. What a sign of respect that the #1 man in charge was the one going 'missing.'

      And, yes, a very unusual situation. For a very unusual man.

    5. That, then, would be understandable. I bet they practiced it quite a bit beforehand. #3 has to make a very quick transition from flying perfect formation to being the lead and making the decisions. I wonder if there were two pilots in it. That would have made it a bit easier. The guy in the back flying the formation. The guy in front watching the situation and taking over the controls when Lead pitched up.

    6. Yep...But then, he usually does.

  3. Table. Knot bad at all, and I'm filing the recessed outlet with USBs idea away for the future.

    My reading list is now longer.

    We don't have any plans for a new house, but we have idly talked the "perfect" home. I think the ideal home starts with a large garage including a separate wash bay, and enough shop area that the woodworking, metalworking, and welding don't have to share the space. Oh, yeah, then there is the craft area inside the house that is big enough for the sewing and embroidery machines to be left out and not stacked in the closet.
    Living spaces? I haven't thought that much about them. And my wife seems to think that my priority list needs reordering!

    1. Yeah, the USB's are pretty cheap, but come in real handy. The front bedroom in the guest house didn't have any. The master bedroom did. And most of the guests that use both bedrooms have been two couples, so the charging stations were needed.

      The intent for the new house (intent being the operative word) is to use the garage for cars, We'll still have the carport with its storage area for long term storage as well as lawnmower, tractor etc parking. The two spare bedrooms will be double duty for visitors as well as hobby's. Looking into how to build a Murphy bed to maximize space. Seen a few videos on how to do it and doesn't look too difficult, so onto the future project list they'll go.

      I understand the reordering process. Happens quite frequently around here. My response to the requests?

      "Yes, Dear"

    2. Nice thing about Murphy beds is if the Demon Murphy descends upon the construction of said Murphy beds, one can go to furniture stores and purchase already made Murphy beds, and some stores will even deliver and set said Murphy beds, some will even do it for free, depending on how far you are from them and, of course, Demon Murphy.

      If you do make a Murphy bed, please, for the love of God and lumbar support, do not use a metal frame like what is found on most commercial Murphy's or in folding bed couches, as they tend to have a series of bars and hard objects that hit right about where the spines of occupants go out, not in, thus making them rather uncomfortable.

      And the commercial units all seem to like using a mattress that is just a cut above a barracks mattress or a prison mattress. If you want to be kind to said future occupants, look for a design that will hold a 'real' mattress. Solid plywood bottom for mattress to sit on should be okay.

    3. I hear ya! I've seen a few videos and think I can do it, but it will definitely be a wooden box under/around the mattress.

  4. Thanks for doing your part for the economy.
    I found reputable (meaning licensed) contractors to be fairly timely and good to their word.
    Only illness could slow them down.
    Unfortunately, they have to deal with others who can get ill, too.

    Long driveways are best built on your own property [DAMHIK]

    1. With all the influx of people moving here with MMTB, licensed contractors with good reps are booked solid for months in advance. So we shall see how this progresses. Let's hope and pray that the illness issue is overhyped and dies out shortly.

      As to long driveways, I can only imagine.

  5. Re: The weather. Doesn't take too long to figure out why most modern houses here have walk-in closest that support two full wardrobes.

  6. Replies
    1. My truck was tucked warmly in the car port. No scrapping of windshields required. However, Mrs J, being wise and practical, decided to leave it a bit until it started melting, then cleaned her windshield with it. No more ice, no more bugs. Win, Win.

      My truck still has bugs on the windshield.

  7. I had no idea how much I needed to watch that video. Thanks juvat!

    Had an interesting go-round with the county regarding a "public" road. I fenced off a trail road which extended two miles west of the terminus of paved county road which was platted and constructed in the late 1950's as part of the Atlas E missile site deployment. The trail road (two ruts) was never platted as a road and the county never acquired a road easement. It's only ever been used by us, by kids drinking beer, and by people dumping trash. Having researched the legal status of the road (none) I fenced it off during a big fencing project. So the county had hysterics and called a public meeting to have me executed. The main argument of the county attorney was very simple. "It shows up as a road on google!" In the end they decided not to execute me, and also not to expend the hundreds of thousands of greenbacks required to legally steal the land and construct/maintain an actual public thoroughfare. People are crazy. And elected/appointed government officials are people. Therefore...

    Regarding the header image, it looks like those are F-4E's with the TISEO system installed (just trying to show off there). Slats are clearly out on the jet pitching up. Can't see the nozzles, and none of them are smoking, but they're E's and probably have the no-smoke motors. My question is whether the maneuvering jet can fly this profile at relatively low speed with lots of thrust? Does the E have that kind of high alpha agility? Wouldn't have thought to ponder that without your comment.

    From my perspective this is a great post. Much appreciated!

    1. Even the low smoked motors smoked visibly, so if I was a betting man, I'd say the three ship was in min burner and #1 punched it to full as he pulled. The F-4 could handle high Angle of Attack (AOA) maneuvering if done properly and carefully (i.e. step 1 of the boldface "Ailerons and Rudder - Neutral". But to do BG Olds honor, they (I) would have come in very fast, probably .95 Mach. That, plus full burners would give #1 enough energy to climb out of sight (or nearly). Which is what this maneuver is designed to simulate.

  8. We have a bright red one of those Ford Transit Connects sitting in the front yard too. It had a spot of frost on it too during the morning, but the temps later in the day were just a tad different up heah in Maine it might have gotten upta 29*F and then you had the wind chills :-). Great job on the table and some people just have zero class.

    1. People ARE crazy. In the master in the cabin (the room that had USB equipped tables) we had one of those universal USB cables, the one that had an end that fit any phone.

      Lasted about 2 months.

      Stay Warm! Summer will be here soon.

  9. Nice updates in your post, juvat. Glad you got the road/driveway issue settled, that could have had some downsides... even Texas county bureaucrats can be a bit persnickety. Glad your contractor is reliable so far - may it always be so! And I have never understood some people taking advantage of others' hospitality. But stealing a puppy bowl set? Did they think they were extra large mints that had fallen off the pillow? Have you counted all the linen and towels, too?

    1. We've been doing the guest house thing for about 5 years now. Learned a lot about people in that time. Some of which I will never be able to un-remember. Haven't had any towels walk, that I'm aware of. But, we have had the complete stash of the 2oz Shampoo/conditioner bottles disappear. That having been said, far and away, virtually all of the people who've stayed have been decent and fun to talk to.

  10. I thought you were pointing out that your truck was covered in pollen, but finally figured out it was ice. Me being obtuse? Noooo...

    I've seen videos were people welded up furniture for the 'guest' quarters as most people and animals can't quite destroy easily steel tables.

    As to dog-bowl thieves, well, you're generating a list of 'nopes' for future rentals, aren't you?

    1. There are a few, very few, on the do not reserve list.

      As for pollen, around here so far this year, I've found that the pollen covering is much more uniform and signifcantly thicker than the frost. I've stopped wearing dark colored shirts, because when I wipe my eyes on the sleeve, it's very obvious. Mrs J and I are going through Kleenex boxes like there's no tomorrow.

  11. Very pretty piece of cedar!!

    As to taking that bet...just because they dropped off the skid steer and started to pull up some vegetation doesn't mean they will get started on anything soon-soon...maybe the construction guy had to find a place to park said skid steer, and the boys were just looking to see the lay of the land...maybe it is all a big tease...Maybe...guess I need to go take some more meds as my hip is making me grumpy...Hope I am very wrong and the entire crew shows up PDQ!!

    And stealing dog dishes!!! REALLY!!! Definitely get put on the Do Not Take List!! Ever Again!!! Some people's kids!!! Sheesh!!
    It is 50* here in upstate NY and sunny (!) today. However, it is supposed to rain the rest of the week, so we will get back to the normal cloudy grayness shortly.

    1. Thanks, Suz,

      Well, they got the vegetation taken down, and they're about halfway through getting the foundation form built. The Super is coming by in about an hour to look things over. I should know more then.

      Yeah, we've got a pretty good chance of rain Tue Night/Wed Morning. Maybe that'll wash the pollen out of the air.

  12. Rich and famous my ass... LOL But I do appreciate the shout out. Glad things are 'moving' in the right direction on the home front. I worked with Capt Deutermann when he had DESRON 31 out of Pearl back in the late 80s. Class act. One that is 'true' is his book The Edge of Honor. Vietnam era, and on the money as far as shipboard life. Lot of folks didn't like him telling it like it was...

    1. Well at least you're famous.

      I mean, we all know you and love you.


  13. WOW! People are crazy. But great job, as always, on the fix-up of the side tables.


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