Saturday, May 5, 2012

Viaggio in Italia

Posting here will be non-existent from the 6th of May to the 14th. The Missus and I are going on a little jaunt to Italy.

Rome, Florence, Venice. Just the high points you might say.

I do need the vacation. CINCHOUSE definitely needs the vacation.

So talk quietly amongst yourselves. And I'll leave you with some photos of my children's various assignments whilst upon Active Duty.

The Naviguesser (USS Briscoe, USS Nitze)

The Nuke (USS McFaul, USS Dwight D. Eisenhower)
And of course, the WSO (VFA-32, USS Harry S Truman)
And the WSO's ride (gotta leave ya with some plane pr0n don't I?)



  1. I'll be taking that same trip next year with my wife. Haven't fully fleshed out the itinerary, but St. Peters and a cruise are on the short list.

    1. St Peters and the Vatican are a "must see". The Sistine Chapel was amazing. Just the architecture all around you is amazing. And a cruise, excellent idea (yup, I love boats). If you get the chance, go to Tuscany. The countryside is magnificent and the food is superb!


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