Wednesday, July 25, 2012

But Everyone Else is Doing It!

Really? 13% with OBummer?
And I do have major issues with the dude.
Oh, that's not what that meant? Okay. Got it.
Okay, okay, okay. Everybody settle down and take your seats.

Seen this thing on a couple of blogs which I enjoy, so I figured "What the hell?"

Anyway there it is. Wanted to put in a few of my "own stances" but didn't want to confuse the software behind this. So I went with the "stock" answers. Not really surprised here.

Note that I am most definitely NOT marching in step with my fellow Rhode Islanders. Course they seem to be out of step with most American voters. No surprise there.

But there it is. For the sake of full disclosure and all that.

(For others who can't resist, clicketh thee here:


  1. Off topic, but thanks for leaving the comment today.

    Your "blogfather" was a good man, I had a couple interactions with him professionally, we'll leave it at that.

    A finer man, there never was.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Brigid. I love your blog! Never worry about being off-topic here, I encourage tangents, thread hijacks, what-have-you. Sometimes what my readers have to say is way more interesting than what I said.

  2. I'm ashamed to say it took me 15 goes at finding Iowa.

    1. Don't feel bad HD. I used to live across the Missouri River from Iowa (too thin to plow, too thick to drink) and sometimes had trouble finding Iowa! And we Americans are somewhat famous for being horrible at geography. I'd challenge most of my countrymen to find Northumbria on the map!

  3. Jimmy McMillan? Jimmy McMillan?!? The Rent Is Too Damn High!?!



    1. Yeah, stunned me too. Until I took this "quiz" I had never heard of Jimmy McMillan. I wonder exactly which of his positions he and I are in agreement on, I mean to the tune of 55%. Again I kinda question the scientific accuracy of this thing.


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