Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Stuff, File Under Cute, Non-Threatening (I Think...)

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Alright, so I see that Marcus, over at Shots from the hip, has some new content. As is my wont, I hurry on over for to see what my fellow Vermonter has posted.

It's good stuff, I read it and then (again, as is my wont) I scan Marcus' "Fellow Lexicans" list. And 'lo and behold I spot one I had not seen before. With a catchy title no less.

So I head on over to the Silicon Valley Redneck and he has some recent posts about some feral kittens he has rescued. Now I believe that I have mentioned before that I'm a "cat person". And I am a sucker for a kitten, let alone three kittens. So a guy who rescues feral kittens is, as you may well imagine, very high on my list of outstanding humans.

And ya gotta love that picture. I can only dream of scaling such heights of hilarity.

So I've got a new entry in "Stuff I Like to Read". A list which seems to increase weekly.

I may have to retire just to keep up on my blog reading.

Oh yeah, that'll make the Wife happy.

Now I could (in theory) go live with the WSO and her brood. She would love that.

But I'm guessing that Big Time (father of Little Bit, husband of the WSO) might have some, shall we say, "reservations" about that particular living arrangement.

Besides they're in California, near (shudder) Lemoore. Hhhmm. Need a better plan.

Better not quit the day job.

Just yet.


  1. I may have to retire just to keep up on my blog reading.

    Retirement is NOT the answer. DAMHIK.

    1. Well, you DO have the t-shirt, don't you?

  2. Hmmm, good thing you finally discovered his blog. He's another technical guy like me, only more so. He's actually a guy I plan to go to for answers when I have technical questions relating to building things electronical. ;)

    His whole kitten series is pretty cool, gave me an insight into him that revealed him to be a much better person that I originally thought him to be, and he started rather higher than lower. I'm glad you finally twigged to his blog. I check him regularly for obvious reasons. The photo alone is a good reason. :)

    I've got two more in the works, obviously you'll see it when I put them out. I'll have to email you and find out how you do the cyber-stalking thing with the blog monitoring. I've been absorbed with my employment situation lately, so things have fallen by the wayside. Hopefully it will be resolved sooner rather than later. Bou has cast some stuff my way. Lexicans are just the nicest folks.

    1. I like Bou's blog as well. Lexicans are awesome.

      The "cyber-stalking" thing is pretty easy in Blogger (which I know you use as well). I'll put together an explanation and shoot you an e-mail.

  3. I'm almost as strange in person as in the photo!
    Yesterday afternoon, I was doing the "International Man of Mystery" thing, wandering around a trade show sporting an obviously spurious company name. This leads some people to start guessing - and even after I tell them who I really am, they keep thinking I must work for one of the big aerospace companies, or maybe a secret government agency. (It doesn't help that I'll sometimes put forth a specific technical requirement, and explain that I'm not cleared to know the reason for it.)
    The sidebar photo is the one used on my space pirate license. I also have a Federation trader's license in the name of Harcourt Fenton Mudd, with a photo to match. One of these years, I'll even start going to science-fiction conventions again.
    I figure, if people are going to take me seriously, it should be on the basis of what I've written and not the way I'm dressed: better "hey, this goofball is making sense" than "he looks like an authority figure, so I'll just take anything he says at face value." Especially because, every once in a while, one of my outrageous lies actually isn't true.

    1. Eric - thanks for stopping by - love your blog.

      "International Man of Mystery", heh. Love it.

      And yes, Best "About Me" Photo, ever.


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