Thursday, April 14, 2016


I ran out of time last night. Too busy playing with this new (to me anyway) video thing. Grab a piece of video and move it. Yup, it's like you're sitting right there.




(Sorry cell phone readers, you'll probably need a computer for these. Gomen nasai...)

Or, we can go fly in the Swiss Alps, avec La Patrouille Suisse...

Oh, I am going to be wasting a lot of time with this stuff.



  1. That is cool. 360 degree engineroom, not so cool. "Oh look, piping everywhere."

    1. Hahaha.

      Yes, there are certain situations where a 360 view is just not that cool.

      Though with jets...

    2. No, 360 degrees in an engine room is pretty hot. Oh wait....

      Thanks for another distraction, Sarge. Keeps my mind off the mundane.

    3. Two.

      ("I'll take the fat one" doesn't apply here.)

  2. Watching this performance from the ground, this is an impressive show. Watching this performance from the 360 degree video is nerve wracking!

    Thanks Sarge.

  3. Hey, I thought it was a blast! Once I mastered the "mouse" joy stick, it was fun scanning the ground to surmise where it was recorded. Of course I'm not sure where it was recorded but, it wasn't Pensacola. The Bay and the Gulf would have come into view. As an ex-patriot Pensacolian, all I had to do to watch these guys perform, is walk out into the back yard and look up. Of course I couldn't see the entire display since Florida is flat and covered with pine trees. Only when they were at altitude. And this weekend is special because, the Blues are returning to McGee-Tyson ANG Base (near Knoxville, TN) for the first time in sixteen years and yours truly will be in attendance on Sunday. I haven't seen them fly (at a proper, military air show) in several years now, with the exception of their practice flights. In fact, I did meet the team inside the museum at Pensacola NAS and obtained autographs from the entire group on a lithograph of Fat Albert which proudly hangs in my office. This was during the "sequestration" period of time. I'm pumped!!!

  4. Ruh-roh. I gonna need to work on self-discipline...

    Great post Sarge, and thanks for introducing me to this stuff.

    I think...


  5. Wow, those are some outstanding videos. Thanks for finding and putting them up for our viewing enjoyment.


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