Sunday, April 3, 2016

You Did What?!?!

A dreary day in some respects...
It drizzled most of Friday, the first day of April. It rained most of Saturday, the second day of April. As I searched hither and yon, and pondered what, pray tell, should I write about. I came up with...






That's right, nothing.

Oh, believe me, I have lots of stuff to share in these spaces.

Just not today.

Why? You ask.

Well, seems some knucklehead gave the Muse the day off...

Dumb a$$...

Weather Update:

What a difference a day makes...

I'm guessing the Muse will call to say she's "snowed in" somewhere...


  1. Well, a photo is worth a thousand words (according to some sources) so I'll settle for the one of (what I assume is) your yard. I bet it looks damn nice in a few weeks (and a before and after, at that time, would make a dandy post!)

    1. That is our yard. Doggone snow has gone and crushed the daffodils. (Oh, you didn't see the update. But hey, you live in New England, did you get snow today too?)

  2. Here, in down-state New York, we have snow and wind. Just a couple inches of the white stuff . . .and it didn't stick to the black top anyplace that I can see. The wind . . . it bothers me. Last time we had a wind of any kind, I lost two rather large trees out in the small wood lot behind the house. No harm done. BUT . . . there are two old, and big, maples that stand right next to the house that worry me on windy days. I've been reluctant to have them cut down because they shade the house, and deck, in summer. Anymore, however, their creaking in the wind keeps me up at night. They're both big enough to crush the roof trusses with no problem. Next stretch of good weather . . . they're gonna go. Such is life.

    1. We have a tree near the house which appears to be on its last legs. It's a lovely Big-tooth Aspen that I love to hear the leaves rustling in the summer nights here at Chez Sarge. The tree is an old friend, it will be sad to see it go.

      But as you say, such is life.

  3. Out of respect for those who are still challenged by the cool air from the Great White North, I shall refrain from posting the current weather here.
    Let's just say that everyone is planting their vegetable gardens.

    1. Some friends of mine are heading out to L.A. and Sandy Eggo on business. Somewhere in there, they're going to spend a week in La Jolla vacationing.

      No, I'm not jealous. Not at all...

  4. It's still a beautiful yard even with the snow!!

    1. Yes, it is. The Missus Herself has really turned it into a mini-paradise.

  5. That system snowed all over us on Wednesday! Thursday and Friday were kind of yucky too. Been pretty nice since then.

    Forecasters say there'll be another storm this Wednesday (third Wednesday in a row). Cold rain or snow, depending. Must be spring.

    1. Spring indeed.

      Sunday snowed, then the sun came out, snowed again, on and off all day.

      Monday? Colder'n Hell and flurries. My daffodils are confused!


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