Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Two sailors carrying the Christmas tree and holly for Christmas festivities with the destroyer
flotilla operating in the Battle of the Atlantic at Gladstone Dock, Liverpool.
December, 1941.
Saw the following over on koobecaF, posted by a gentleman I have a great deal of respect for. A Phormer Phantom Phlyer of the nautical persuasion, the Cap'n has "been there, done that." I liked what he said so much that I asked (and received) his permission to share his sentiments here.

Something to keep in mind.

While this is the time of year, for good tidings and joy, it is also a time when we need to choose our words to others, very carefully......what is apparent in a person's face and in his words, is not always what is going on, inside of him (or her)........Many a mixed emotion of so many things....the past, what lies ahead and what could have been.....So many of us have loved ones, that cannot be here with us, for a myriad of reasons.......not the least of which that they are gallantly serving our country, abroad.....It is hard for them (and no words can describe that, believe me) and it is hard for those here at home, missing them.....A smile and a "Merry Christmas" is simply good enough........Let them fill in the blanks........if they choose to do so............Merry Christmas, to all...........Cactus, CAPT, USNR, (Retired)......



  1. A goodly bit o' wisdom, there. I wish it were a bit more common.

    1. I really liked it, so I shared it.

      I wish it was more common as well. Sometimes we forget the folks for whom this season ain't so jolly.

  2. It is never out of season to be kind to others.

  3. My dad and mom always made sure to invite bachelors, especially the TDY variety, to our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner when he was the AF Liaison Officer on Kwajalein. We kids really saw how much being away from family wore on those men.

    Can't even imagine what the holidays are like aboard ship or on a front-line base in Afganistan.

    My prayers go out to those far away.

    1. Your Mom and Dad sound like good people. Means a lot to be at home for the holidays, getting to share it with those far from home is pretty special.

      Thanks for sharing that Andrew.

    2. Dad and mom had that old school 'Noblesse Oblege' concept about what superior officers ought to do.

      I get the same feelings from you and Tuna and Juvat, one of the many reasons I hang around here.

      Most of the civilians I have dealt with don't have the same sense of obligation that the military seems to instill in superiors, whether they be NCO or Officer types.

    3. Loyalty up, loyalty down.

      And yes, noblesse oblige. The concept isn't dead. Not yet anyway.


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